Brooklyn brownstone gets revived into charming family home

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This gorgeous five story brownstone has been recently renovated by Chango & Co., located in Park Slope a trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. Originally built in the early 1900s, the townhouse has been newly rejuvenated for a couple and their three-year-old girl. Comprised of 3,200 square feet of living space, the home has four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. The home had been sold to the family after being renovated by a builder who was looking to sell quickly. So the home was neatly packaged together, but was not efficiently designed to meet the family’s lifestyle needs. It lacked storage, built-ins, personality and style. Once you step inside this traditional style entryway, you will find that the designer has put a lot of effort into bringing back the charming character of the historic property. Because brownstones are so narrow, the home had to be carefully space planned to feel less so. Finely detailed furnishings were carefully selected to make the home still feel spacious, and natural light was drawn in from the front and back of the home where the windows are. Warm light fixtures and bold artwork decorates throughout the home, with high ceilings, detailed molding and broad archways, these special touches makes the home feel beautiful and inviting, a place any family could call home.

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The front living room features two large floor-to-ceiling mirrors on either side of the fireplace to not only make the area feel more spacious, but to reflect light into the space. Textural layering was applied to the console tables in front of the mirrors to make the space feel more elegant and cast a warm glow in the evening time.

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Built-ins for storage were created in the narrow dining room. Between the upper and lower cabinets is a glass backsplash to reflect light and create the illusion of space. The chairs are covered with outdoor fabrics for durable wear.

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The master bedroom retreat has been designed with more mirrors to help with the illusion of space and reflection of light. Built-ins were designed on either side of the fireplace for much needed clothing storage. Mirrors have been inset into the cabinets and drawer fronts.

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A trick to make this small bedroom feel more spacious was to layer the space with details to create interest and keep the eye busy. Narrow moldings were added to what was originally flat drywall to create a panel effect and make the space feel more glamorous.

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This upper level sitting room acts as the family media room, with a television that can be adjusted and blue armchairs that swivel to accommodate both conversation and television viewing.

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This space at the top of the stair landing is situated near the nursery, so the couple decided to make the space be useful when they needed to be close to their child. The area was outfitted with chairs for reading and a small home office space.

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The designer always makes sure to set up a space for adults to sit inside the nursery. The space is playful and fun, designed with character.

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Photos: Ball & Albanese

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