Bright and playful interiors characterize this Westhampton beach house

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This playfully designed beach house was cleverly imagined by interiors studio Chango & Co., located in Westhampton, New York. The designers had a carte blanche by the homeowners for their vacation home, as they had worked with them in the past on a couple of other houses. The goal was to infuse some fun into this spacious five-bedroom beach house, which needed a major overhaul.

The design team had ten weeks to complete the project. So a tight timeline with complete creative freedom tasked the designers to create an escape from city life for this young, active family of five. The designers also had to be mindful of durable, family-friendly finishes throughout the home. It needed to be a place that both adults and kids could have fun, while at the same time be able to easily entertain guests.

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From point of entry up this beach house, it appears like any other home in the neighborhood. A family beach house—that is anything but pretentious. You open the door to discover playful, bright pops of color that will delight your senses. The door is a banana yellow, as are some furnishings and accessories. A formal dining room reveals a fun patterned wallcovering with pineapples.

Then you flow into a bright and spacious “candy-colored kitchen… you know you’re in the midst of people who know how to have fun,” states the designer. Each room reflects the colorful personalities of the family members. This was deliberate—”to encourage as much unrestrained joy and unconfined playtime as possible and the result is a celebration of whimsy & lightness of spirit… a true playhouse for kids, big and small alike.”

Above: The black dining chairs were sourced from a Danish company called Bloomingville. The table is from Anthropologie, but the base was custom designed.

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What We Love: This fabulous beach house offers its owners a fun vacation home with playful pops of color. We are especially loving the fantastic kid’s spaces, with the adorable teepee, rope swings, bunk beds, and wall decals. This home is an inspiration for those wanting to infuse some fun into their own home! … Readers, what are your thoughts on this design, please share in the comments below!

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Above: The dining table was sourced from CB2, while the bench is from Serena & Lily.

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Above: The wall decals in the playroom of this beach house were sourced from Urban Walls. The rope swings were purchased from Dot and Bo. The flooring is New Zealand wool in sand color (source). The fabulous floor cushions were all custom made to fit the space.

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Above: The beds were sourced from West Elm, while the quilts came from Land of Nod, as did the table.

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Westhampton Beach Playhouse-Chango-Co-27-1 Kindesign

Above: The chair and watermelon pillow were sourced from Land of Nod.

Westhampton Beach Playhouse-Chango-Co-28-1 Kindesign

Above: The airplanes on the ceiling were sourced from BoBo Intriguing Objects. The wall color is Benjamin Moore—Decorators White. The decals were sourced from Urban Wall.

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Photos: Sean Litchfield Photography

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