A heavenly beach bungalow nestled seaside on the Jersey Shore

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This contemporary beach bungalow is freshly designed seaside abode, the imagination of Chango & Co., located in Bay Head Beach, New Jersey. The young family of four had found this beautiful beachside dream home only to lose it to Hurricane Sandy. The homeowners did not lose sight of their dream, commissioning the designer along with construction company Siano Brothers Contracting to plan their new home.

The new design allowed for them to build the structure high above the floodplain, with an elevated interiors scheme to match. The homeowners had worked with the designer before, so they trusted them to experiment with their design and get creative with the details. The end result was a reinterpretation of elements: “a mix of a traditional nautical home with the lightness and ease of a beach bungalow,” states the designers.

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On the interiors, walls are clad with shiplap, creating a fresh and airy feel to the home. Stair railings were given a modern twist, while wood flooring and walls flowed into the bathrooms, even extending onto the shower walls. The walls have been illuminated to simulate the quarter of a ship.

A predominantly white color scheme combined with bright primary hues are reminiscent of maritime flags, sails, and spinnakers. This relaxed and blissful beach home now provides a safe haven for the family to enjoy their seaside living for many years to come.

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Note: Chango & Co. was responsible for the interior design,  interior architecture, custom millwork design, furniture design and art curation.

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What We Love: This Jersey Shore beach bungalow retreat features comfortable spaces for family living. With a mostly white backdrop, nautical pops of red and blue adds a fresh touch. Loving the use of shiplap and the bright and airy feel of this coastal home. There is such a fantastic vibe throughout the interiors, it feels so relaxed and inviting. We could envision spending the summers enjoying this pad… how about you?

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Photos: Jacob Snavely

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