Captivating beach house in Amagansett with stylish details

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This contemporary beach house was designed by Thomas H Heine Architect in collaboration with Chango & Co., located in Amagansett, New York. The designers, Chango & Co. were responsible for the interior design and architectural advisement of this beautiful family home. Throughout the bright and airy interiors, the paint selection is Benjamin Moore—Decorator’s White CC-20.

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Steel frame windows and doors lends an industrial aesthetic to the space. Light wood flooring throughout the main living spaces helps to keep the home feeling light and airy.

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What We Love: This cozy Amagansett beach house showcases a wonderful display of creative design details and an array of stylish furnishings and accessories. We love the bright white walls of shiplap and the mix of light wood flooring, keeping this home feeling airy and bright. A spacious open concept and indoor-outdoor connections allows simple entertaining and easy living… Readers, what are your thoughts on this dreamy beach home?

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Above: Behind a white linen sofa in the living room, a console table is comprised of reclaimed wood with a zinc top.

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Above: The sofa was custom designed, while several of the furnishings and accessories throughout the home are available for purchase from Chango & Co.’s furnishings boutique, here.

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Above: The woven abaca St. Martin armchairs in the dining room were sourced from Restoration Hardware.

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Above: A beautiful bright and airy kitchen features custom cabinetry all painted in Benjamin Moore—Decorator’s White CC-20. The countertops are Carrara marble in 2″ thick slabs. Stainless steel appliances, fixtures and hardware contrasts beautifully against the white.

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Above: Throughout the home, the Benjamin Moore—Decorator’s White CC-20 painted shiplap walls are a v-groove, 7″ wide.

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Above: The hanging rattan chairs in the children’s bunkroom were sourced from Serena and Lily—$498.

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Above: The beautiful outdoor furnishings were sourced from Restoration Hardware. A heavenly oasis to relax after taking a dip in the swimming pool.

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Amagansett Beach House-Chango-Co-38-1 Kindesign

Photos: Jacob Snavely

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5 years ago

Love it beautiful classy Hamptons style

5 years ago

where do I find rugs?

New View Designs Inc
6 years ago

Where are the rope/net pendant lights over the dining table from?