Cliffside hideaway on Cornwall’s Whitsand Bay: Moontide beach hut

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A romantic beachside getaway, this cozy beach hut called “Moontide” is aimed at fulfilling all of your vacation needs, nestled into a cliffside in Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. This luxurious self-catering retreat is the perfect spot for couples or singles looking for a peaceful vacation of self-indulgence. A balcony features a heavenly daybed and chiminea, perfect for spending evenings stargazing and listening to the crashing of waves. During the daytime, you can enjoy dining al fresco, or curling up with a good book.

This chic beach house encompasses an open plan living area, spacious and cozy bedroom and a wet room with a walk-in shower. The bedroom features glazed French doors to draw open in the evening, circulating fresh ocean breezes, while letting the sound of crashing waves put you to sleep. Relaxing mornings can be spent lounging in your king-sized bed listening to the sounds of the surf or rising early for a walk on the beach. Its your vacation and there is no better place to be than at the beach!

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The location of this beach hut has been dubbed as Cornwall’s “forgotten corner”, due to being in the south east region. It is effectively by-passed by visitors because of the area being so remote. That makes this area a treasure for those that are seeking a vacation off the beaten path and a little less touristy. The area is known for its charming fishing villages and unspoilt beaches, a getaway that is sure to be unforgettable.

The wrap-around deck is the perfect spot to soak in the seascape, while enjoying an outdoor barbecue from your fresh catch of the day. This retreat offers you the chance to either cook for yourself or you can indulge in the extra luxury of allowing an in-house chef prepare delicious meals for you (extra charge). There are also local hangouts you can visit to enjoy authentic cuisine of the region, why not, you are on vacation!

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What We Love: This cozy abode will tantalize you to want to come and stay for a long weekend or even a whole week. With its mesmerizing views off the wrap-around deck to its comfortable furnishings that tempt you to enjoy a lazy day of lounging with the sights and smells of the ocean. This is the perfect retreat for those looking for a secluded and relaxing vacation at the beach. Readers, what are your thoughts, would you take a vacation here?

Note: To stay at this heavenly retreat, prices range from approximately $900 – $1,180 (3-night weekend stay to a full week), from Unique Home Stays.

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Style Details: This white-washed beach hut is decorated with seaside artifacts and splashes of hot pink and ocean-hued furnishings to create a coastal-chic dwelling with a hint of luxury.

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Photos: Courtesy of Unique Home Stays

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7 years ago

Small, yet perfectly formed. I could live here forever!