10 Best hybrid furniture pieces to add to your home

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Whether you live in a cozy apartment or a spacious home, it’s always smart to have furniture that can do double duty such as hybrid furniture pieces. Multipurpose pieces save space and those with storage options can hide away any personal items you don’t want cluttering up your living space. Here are the 10 best furniture hybrids to add to your home when you’re looking for both beauty and function.

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  1. The classic sofa bed

You probably have several friends or family members that have a sofa bed in the den, and there’s a good chance you’ve even slept on one before. These pieces aren’t just for guest rooms anymore; however, they’re attractive and useful in any room in the house. They also feature higher quality mattresses, which mean they’re also more comfortable than the sofa beds you remember as a child.

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  1. A pop-up coffee table

While you might not dine in the living room every day, it’s still handy to have a pop-up coffee table when you do want to enjoy your meal on the couch. Most models feature a surface that props up on hinges so that your plate is closer to you, thus eliminating spills. However, these tables aren’t just great for a casual meal; they also put your laptop or tablet at just the right level.

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  1. Storage benches

These units are on most lists of the best furniture hybrids. They act as seating when you’ve got people over for entertaining, but they’re also great for stowing items you don’t use every day. Blankets, games and DVDs find a perfect home right under the lid.

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  1. The bed plus dresser

You can surely use more storage space in a smaller bedroom, but adding another dresser isn’t always practical. Invest in a bed that features drawers underneath for folded clothes, shoes and extra linens. The footprint of the furniture remains the same, while increasing your storage space significantly.

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  1. Hardworking ottomans

Ottomans aren’t just for resting your feet anymore. Many are upholstered, which makes for a comfortable chair when other seating is scarce. Plus, you can place a tray on top, essentially turning the piece into another table for serving food and drinks.

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  1. Bookshelf room divider

Many open concept floor plans need some type of furniture to separate them visually. A bookshelf does the job, basically creating a wall that allows for two distinct areas. In addition, you’ve got shelf space to showcase your books, collections and pictures. You might opt for a model that’s open on both sides, enabling you to enjoy the piece from both rooms.

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If you’re looking for a shelf to carry more than just books, you can try wire wardrobe shelving.

  1. A rocking crib chair

This furniture is an attention-getting piece that will be enjoyed by infants and adults alike. The crib and chair are both on rockers, so when the person who’s seated kicks back, the baby is rocked to sleep.

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  1. Flip-top coffee table

Another piece of living room furniture designed with children in mind, the flip-top coffee table is great for all ages. On one side, you have a beautiful table that’s perfect for entertaining, setting a cold drink or displaying books. On the other side, there can be a game set up, such as checkers or chess.

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  1. Bedside TV unit

Designers have come up with a way that you can view TV anytime, yet fold it carefully away when not in use. The TV is stored on a special electronic system that raises it when you push a button on the remote control. When you’re done viewing, the same button will lower the TV down into the storage spot at the foot of the bed. If you’re looking for wardrobe storage solutions, this is for you.

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10. Mirror wardrobe

These units work well when you need to take advantage of every square inch of space in your bedroom. A wardrobe design with a full length mirror allows you to check your look when you’re on the way out the door. At the same time, there’s a clothing rack set up at the back of the free standing mirror. Hang a few items, your wardrobe for the next day or heavier coats that won’t fit in the closet.

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Can you think of the perfect spot for one of the 10 best furniture hybrids to add to your home? Any room in the house can benefit from these multi-function pieces, and most won’t break the budget. Simply consider the purpose and use of these furniture hybrids as you pick out the best options for your living space.

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