An enchanting fairytale cottage retreat in Cornwall

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The Fable is an enchanting fairytale cottage built in the 1700s, a luxurious self-catering country home located near the picturesque village of St Agnes in Cornwall, United Kingdom. The village is situated just a few miles from golden sandy beaches… we can just imagine the smell of the fresh sea air, heavenly! The spacious interiors of this thatched roof cottage features a vintage farmhouse style with all the modern updates. The sunroom is the heart of the home, designed to fit the style perfectly. Luminous and cozy, there are french doors that spill out into a charming garden. During the warm summer months, you can small the sea from outside and the delectable scent coming from the English rose gardens. In the winter, you have the option to curl up in the living room and enjoy the open hearth, where you will find that The Fable is a heavenly place to get away from it all. The cottage has two bedrooms, both are decorated with lots of attention to detail and features plenty of vintage accessories to feel right at home. A spacious family bathroom has a vintage bathtub with claw feet.

If you are interested in staying at this unique property, rates are approximately $3,656 for a week, sleeping up to four people, from here.

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The home is completely self-catering, however you can have all the luxuries of a hotel if you wish, with a chef, a housekeeper and even some spa pampering if you wish! The kitchen, although vintage in style, does come with all the necessary fittings to cook your own delicious dinners. There are farm shops close to the cottage where you can purchase your food right from farm to table. The village is nearby to pick up daily groceries and if you don’t feel like cooking, there are cafes and restaurants to enjoy… not to mention unique craft shops, art galleries and the beach!

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What We Love: This fairytale cottage is a dream home come true, with vintage farmhouse house details mixed with modern luxuries that makes this the perfect vacation escape to melt your stresses away. The outside of the home is extremely charming, surrounded by beautiful gardens and a quiet countryside location, we are ready for a visit! How about you?

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Photos: Courtesy of Unique Home Stays

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