Luminous and airy NYC studio decorated in white

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Fulton Studio is a beautifully decorated one bedroom, one bathroom vacation rental property that is ideally located in the historic downtown district of New York. The studio space features white washed walls and ceilings and polished alabaster flooring, making the space feel bright and airy. Eclectic art decorates the space punctuated with rustic touches such as antlers perched amongst collections of white porcelain, rough-hewn wooden tables and silky white cowhide rugs. When you enter the studio, the kitchen is the first thing you see, with black granite countertops and obsidian cabinetry. Just beyond is the dining area, opening to a luminous living space and continuing on from there is the sleeping quarters. A cozy wooden dining table is perfect for entertaining, seating eight. An elegant sofa in the the living area sits in a perfect seating arrangement opposite two comfortable beige armchairs. There is also a flat screen television tucked adjacent to the coffee table for your viewing pleasure. A simple writing desk can serve as a space for working on your laptop or planning your vacation sight seeing adventures. Behind the sofa is a woven rug that delineates the living area from the sleeping area, where a queen bed and antique furnishings decorate the space. A beautiful bathroom completes the studio space, with everything you could possibly need to complete your vacation.

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Beautiful interior styling, cozy and chic all rolled into one…what do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts, is this a vacation home that you could spend some time in?

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Photos: Onefinestay

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