Charming English cottage offers a fairytale getaway

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Escape to the peace and tranquility of this beautiful cottage named ‘Elysian’, tucked away in the moorland village of Rilla Mill in Cornwall, United Kingdom, this self-catering retreat will have you never wanting to leave. Stepping inside the interiors, you will feel inspired and charmed by the rough-luxe style that this home imbues. In the living room, a wood-burning stove fireplace is in keeping with the country cottage charm, as are the cozy and inviting furnishings. The white washed walls and ceilings contrast nicely with the wood ceiling beams and black floor tiles. The kitchen is another charming feature in this home, with its minty green cabinetry complimented by light wood countertops and a stylish AGA cast iron range. Upstairs you will find three stylishly designed bedrooms, with original blackened floorboards, white washed stone walls and low ceilings. The bathroom features a fresh, vintage aesthetic, offering views through the traditional hand-crafted wooden windows and out to the spectacular gardens.

If you find yourself wishing to stay at this charming retreat, you are in luck, as it is available for rent from Unique Home Stays, with pricing packages ranging from $1512 – $612 (with anywhere from a week to a three night stay).

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This lovely cottage comes with an extra bonus hidden behind the home, a cozy writer’s retreat, designed to inspire creativity. Surrounded by lushly developed gardens, this little hideaway is the ultimate in peace and tranquility. In the summertime, this home offers you the opportunity to treck through woodlands and past hidden caves and breathtaking waterfalls… to find a quiet spot to enjoy a nice picnic. If you come to visit this cottage in the winter, you will find a cozy retreat offering a warm fire (perhaps a glass of your favorite liquor), soft sheepskins and vintage furnishings, making your stay very comfortable. This would make a perfect retreat during the holidays! What say you?

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What We Love: A truly magical feeling is instilled in this holiday retreat, with its charming wooden floorboards, stone walls and Aga range, you feel enchanted at first glimpse. This cottage would make a perfect getaway for those seeking relaxation in a rural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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A neutral color palette and original floorings create a natural backdrop for an indoors-outdoors theme. The material palette consists of textured fabrics and loose linens injecting warmth into the space. Re-purposed furnishings and an inspired collection of ornithological art completes the rustic cottage aesthetic.

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Photos: Courtesy of Unique Home Stays

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2 years ago

‘Elysian’? In every photo where the house name is visible it appears to be called ‘October Cottage’.