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Having a vast collection of clothes, shoes and accessories is a great thing, but there arises the question of where will you store and organize all of these wonderful items. You cannot just throw them here and there in the house when you are not wearing them. There should be a proper place where these things can be kept. In most homes you will typically find a separate rack for shoes, a separate wardrobe for clothes and a separate place for the accessories. However, what if you could keep all of them in one place and choose the best dress with matching clothes and accessories at the same time? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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To make life easier for you, walk-in wardrobes were introduced and became an instant hit amongst people because all of them wanted the same thing. Walk-in wardrobes can be of various types such as built-in wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobes. The main concept of a walk-in wardrobe is providing as much space as possible to keep your clothes and such other items in one place. Not only clothes, you can keep files, folders and other documents in the drawers and sliders that are inside the wardrobe.

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An ideal walk-in wardrobe

You will normally see walk-in wardrobes in between the bedroom and bathroom, but sometimes they are also kept in the space parallel to the hall. You may want to know the ideal features of a walk-in wardrobe in order to help you decide what you would like in your own wardrobe design. Here is a list of ideas to help get you started:

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1. The first most important feature of a wardrobe is having lots of shelves. Unlike normal wardrobes where you can dump everything, here you will have shelves to keep everything in an organized manner. Plus, the shelves help provide ample space and you can store purses, clothes, shoes, accessories, hats and so many different things in one single place.

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2. Almost every wardrobe, be it a normal wardrobe or a walk in wardrobe has to have hanging rods. It enables you to hang ties, dress clothes and other things that can be hung and kept wrinkle-free with the help of hangers. Since this takes more space they are installed at varying lengths to take into consideration some extra space for shoe racks to be kept in the lower half. Shoe racks can also have a whole section just for themselves.

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3. One great feature to add to a walk in wardrobe is lots of drawers to store items that you want hidden from site and kept dust free. It enables you to store files and documents in one drawer, your daily accessories in another drawer and so on and so forth. These drawers can be velvet lined to keep fine jewellery protected.

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4. Some of the walk-in-wardrobes have a separate section for hats, coats, ties and purses.

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These features practically make your life easier, so rather than running from one room to the other to look for the perfect pair of shoes for a particular dress; you can now have all of them in one single place. The walls in the wardrobe are polished, but a walk in wardrobe is best if it has sliding doors rather than the traditional doors that swing open. Plus, the fact that sliding doors are something new can also be an advantage.

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When you decide you want to purchase a walk in wardrobe design, do ensure that you have the proper measurements of the space where you would like your wardrobe to be designed. Wardrobes are large, so they would work best in spacious rooms. These storing solutions definitely enhance the decor of your bedroom if designed aesthetically.

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