Sustainable timber house designed for modern living on Sunshine Coast

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Bark Design Architects have designed this spectacular timber house nestled on a vegetated coastal property of Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Designed for a family of four, this 2,707 square foot home responds to the sustainable aspirations of the homeowners. Their home is located in a community that is committed to protecting the environment. This was not designed as a decadent home, but rather one of casual elegance, lightness and authenticity.

The request was for the home to celebrate it’s coastal landscape, meld into it’s natural environment and preserve the vegetation already existing on the site. The result is a timber dwelling that responds to the climate and the landscape beyond. A careful selection of materials, site orientation and the preservation of vegetation all play a part in sustainable design practices. The exterior facade features vertical elements that mimic its neighboring trees.

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What We Love: This sustainable timber house features beautiful material elements and design features. It is refreshing to see the preservation of natural landscape when an architect is constructing a home. The ash trees go well with the design of this home, an integral part of the architectural concept. Our favorite part of this home is the indoor-outdoor connection between the kitchen/living/dining and backyard… Readers, what are your thoughts on this home, are you a fan of sustainable design? Please share your comments below!

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Above: A double volume, central living space welcomes you into this light and airy home, which is visually connected to the northern outdoor courtyard. Two wings are gathered around this central space. Parents, children, guests and services have their own separate zone around this “heart-of-the-home.” The flooring features flyash concrete ( a fine powder byproduct from burning pulverized coal in electric generation power plants), which absorbs heat from the sun and is reminiscent of beach sand.

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Above: The design of this home features an “economical and natural material palette”, states the architects. “This combines the warmth and natural patina of recycled Spotted Gum hardwood shiplap cladding, framing, flooring, decking, joinery and screens, polycarbonate sheet, glass and polished concrete.”

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Above: The heart of the home overlooks the northern courtyard and vegetable garden. Clerestory windows with polycarbonate sheet and glass louvres enable maximum daylight to penetrate this space. It also enables cross-ventilation of fresh ocean breezes and cooling during the warm summer months.

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Above: Mature growth trees on this property were mapped out, where the architects devised the building footprint to work around the tree canopies and root systems of the Moreton Bay Ashes and Banksias. The house was sited back from the street, offering dense vegetation as a natural entry courtyard. To create an arrival experience, timber platforms meander through the trees, similar to that of a coastal boardwalk.

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Above: The home was oriented on it’s site to take advantage of the rising and setting of the sun. The main living spaces and outdoor area will benefit from full sun exposure, while the private sleeping areas will only bring in the afternoon sunshine.

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Above: Celebrating the beauty of it’s site, this home is nestled into the landscape, featuring timber cladding that will weather with time. Ultimately, the exterior aesthetics will showcase a beachy, natural gray—reminiscent of the Moreton Bay ash trees that surrounds the property.

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Sustainable elements includes: Orientation, siting, vegetation retention, recycled timber selection, flyash concrete, natural light and cooling through passive cross ventilation, water harvesting, solar hot water and open space planning for edible gardens on the north east.

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Photos: Christopher Frederick Jones Photography

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