Laundry room transformed to cozy 93 square foot guest retreat

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This small brick house was once a laundry boiler room, now playing host to a full service guest retreat thanks to a full-scale renovation by architect Christi Azevedo. The designer has always loved outbuildings, so when she stumbled upon a structure that was once used as a French laundry in San Francisco, California, she could not resist putting her creativity to good use. The ground level is comprised of roughly 93 square feet of living space, compact yes, but impressively it comes fully loaded! Measuring at 8′-2″ x 11′-6″, this space has been fully maximized: consisting of an IKEA kitchen with stainless countertops and custom designed uppers of sanded acrylic, which occupies one whole wall. There is also a living room area that is decorated with a leather sofa and coffee table that plays double duty as a dining table. There are also fold out cushions on the stair landing that can be used as a comfortable lounge chair when additional seating space is needed.

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When the designer first entered this space, it was a complete mess. She preserved some of the intriguing details such as the brick walls, which gives it character… and how the home got it’s name, “Brick House”.

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Up the ships’ ladder is a mezzanine level, which hosts a dressing area with built-in walnut wardrobe and drawers. The designer states that there is also a “42″ square bath with a wall-mounted toilet, custom designed stainless steel medicine cabinet, small sink supplied by a shower valve, and floor drain for showering.” A sandblasted door and window helps to keep the space feeling light and airy.

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What We Love: The designer made use of every available inch of space in this compact space and she did an amazing job, making it feel very comfortable and cozy. It is so well designed she was not living in it, it would probably be pretty easy to keep it occupied! What do you think, could you live here or would you feel claustrophobic?

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A tread and a glass landing leads to a loft space where a queen mattress can comfortably fit. Extra storage has been designed into hinged headboards. Built above the bed is a bookshelf and reading lamps to enjoy some quality reading time before going to sleep.

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The designer divides her time between here and a home she has built for herself in Grass Valley. She has previously rented this space out for $1,600, which is a great price considering that the average price for a one bedroom rental in San Francisco is $3,500!

Photos: César Rubio Photography

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