Fresh decor and Mediterranean influences in Barcelona home

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A reform of a cozy two-story house that was originally a dark garage features fresh decor mixing rustic and vintage, located in El Poblenou, a beach district of Barcelona, Spain. With a tight budget and plenty of imagination, the owner decided to tear down the original garage and in its place, a solar house of two levels. During the reform, there was a problem with a narrow floor plan and very little natural light. This is where designer José Luis Hausmann came into play, solving the problems with clever solutions. To begin with, he allocated space on the ground level for a living area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the first floor, you will find an open concept living room, kitchen and a terrace with a jacuzzi. To meet the budget limitations, wood scaffolding was applied to the flooring and doors of the house. Additionally, the sofas of the two living areas and the terrace are built-in with upholstered cushions decorating them. To bring in more light, the walls, ceiling beams and floors were painted white to reflect light. When the structure was complete, the furnishings and accessories had to be carefully selected in order to avoid going over budget. Pieces needed to not only be functional, but also appealing, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

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Since the house is situated close to the sea, the owner wished for decor that evokes typical Mediterranean architecture, picking up hints of blue. This was reflected in the doors being painted light blue, reclaimed furnishings updated in the same tones and even the accessories selected with shades of blue. Mediterranean influences are instilled in the use of natural fibers, such as wicker baskets, straw hats and bags, all infusing a rustic air into the living spaces. How do we grade this reform? We see beautiful spaces that come alive, full of simple ideas and fabulous results! What do you think, please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Photos: Spotted on Mi Casa

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