Inspiring and colorful home of Architect Eva Palao

Barcelona House-01-1 Kind Design

Spotted on Nuevo Estilo, this beautiful house in Barcelona, Spain is that of architect and jewelry expert Eva Palao. The first impression that one gets upon entrance to this unique home is a burst of color, light and a wink of humor, constant references to a calming mix of styles and a great example of how to pair different concepts into a coherent and harmonious whole. The home was originally built in the early 1900’s, with the characteristic hydraulic floors and high ceilings with ornate moldings. A gem which offered great possibilities of becoming the highly personal house that it is today.

The structure was in good condition, but a reform was necessary to adapt to new needs. The objective was that each room has its own character, achieved through the use of color and pieces chosen little by little. Hydraulic tiles have been kept in the living room and kitchen, but not in the bathrooms and bedroom. These rooms instead feature black slate and wood. Paint on the walls plays a very important role in the differentiation of spaces. From the modern and powerful glossy black finish in the bedroom, running through to the hallway to the warmth of the Moroccan stucco in a sand tone in the living and dining room. Decoration was done slowly, adding objects as needed, wishing to preserve the aura of the original architecture.

Barcelona House-02-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-03-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-04-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-05-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-10-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-06-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-07-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-08-1 Kind Design

Barcelona House-09-1 Kind Design

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11 years ago

Where did you get the shower curtain in the bathroom picture???