Stylish mews house in Knightsbridge Village

11 RMS-01-1 Kind Design

11RMS is a mews house located in the heart of Knightsbridge village, London. Designed by Elips Design, the internal planning responds to particular needs of the occupants. The design concept is driven by the willing to connect with one staircase the 3 floors to maximize the space. The living spaces were designed as open space to allow the natural light to enter, as well as through skylights. The ground floor can be used as a studio, for this reason the staircase, the fulcrum of the project, has a sliding panel created into the structure to divide the space between office and living, if required. Light is a dominant theme, both the natural one and the artificial one, designed in collaboration with Viabizzuno. The facade is left to preserve the visual integrity of the mews as a street.

11 RMS-02-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-03-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-04-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-05-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-06-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-07-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-08-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-09-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-10-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-11-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-12-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-13-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-14-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-15-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-16-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-17-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-18-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-19-1 Kind Design

11 RMS-20-1 Kind Design

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Dee Fay
1 year ago

Luv that yellow tufted chair! Where is it available?