Warmth and minimalism collide in charming Argentinian getaway

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Diego Sanchez is the founder and creative director of Casa Helsinki, his personal home that he designed to create an inspiring getaway for travelers to come and stay in Alberdi, Córdoba, Argentina. This is an old dwelling that has recently undergone a renovation, uniquely positioned in the historical district of Alberdi, steps from the downtown area, which is known for its architectural and cultural heritage. With a passion for art and design, Sanchez has created a calm atmosphere for guests to unwind, with intimate spaces that are shared amongst its visitors. The home can best be described as a “peaceful oasis in the urban jungle”, combining warmth and minimalism to create a very enjoyable experience. There are four furnished bedrooms for guests to rent for either temporary or extended stays while they are on vacation to enjoy all that this wonderful region has to offer. There is also a shared kitchen, two living rooms, on-site laundry area and two shared bathrooms, not to mention cozy outdoor living spaces to relax and enjoy great conversation and a fabulous environment!

Rates to stay at this incredible home runs anywhere from $30 USD / night – $650 USD / month, with a two night stay minimum, from here.

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What We Love: Offering all the comforts of home, this wonderful getaway creates an intimate gathering space for like-minded travelers to share stories and enjoy one anthers company, creating a unique guest experience. Since staying at a hotel is all about the experience, this private sanctuary delivers on a personal level that is bar none! What do you think, would you stay here?

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