Modern mountainside chalet in Whistler focused on entertaining

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Robert Bailey Interiors was responsible for the transformation of a ski-in/ski-out chalet into a breathtaking home with bright interiors, located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The homeowners originally contracted the designer to renovate the kitchen of their 1980s property, but after the project started, they got excited about breathing new life into the entire home. The original 3,500 square foot home was very closed off, with undesirable features such as the old orange fir wood detailing. The most important part of the renovation process was the great room, the homeowners wanted a spacious area to entertain family and friends. The home conveniently offers plenty of space for housing their continuous guests, a master bedroom, a kid’s room with bunk beds and four guest rooms. The living areas size was increased by double in width, where the main wall was extended out ten feet.

Floor-to-ceiling windows were encased into the wall, which measures a soaring 22 feet in height. The windows helps to flood the space with natural light and makes the space feel like a part of nature. The interior color palette is comprised of black and white, allowing nature to take center stage. Inside the house, you gain a sense of floating in the trees, since the main level was elevated ten feet off the ground. The flooring throughout the main living spaces is distressed French oak, decorated with functional seating arrangements of designer furnishings and custom designed pieces by the interior designer. The living area features a focal wall consisting of a fireplace of blackened steel (the television disappears into its surround when not in use), and built-in floor-to-ceiling niche of stacked wood, perfect for those chilly winter nights. The hearth is comprised of Fond du Lac wall stone (limestone).

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The finished result is a beautiful mountain retreat with an uplifting new footprint that is perfect for a family getaway designed to entertain and delight. The dated home was re-designed to cater to the clients lifestyle, featuring usable spaces and beautiful design elements, there is nothing not to love about this fascinating retreat. What do you think, could you spend your next vacation here?

Featured in the past on 1 Kindesign, is this amazing property, Beautiful cabin on the shores of Lake Okanagan, which helps to further develop the unique design style that Robert Bailey has with both connection to nature and openness.

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The dining area seats eight people comfortably, featuring windows overlooking the evergreen trees and a show-stopping chandelier comprised of cast-resin antlers, which adds to the charm of the chalet.

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In the kitchen, you will notice the same oak flooring traversing through it, creating naturalness and warmth. The countertops are clad with quartz, which waterfalls over the island. The backsplash compliments the countertops, comprised of a beautifully veined Calcatta marble.

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In the master bedroom retreat, the interior designer custom designed both the bed and side tables, which are topped with classic Anglepoise lamps.

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Photos: Courtesy of Robert Bailey Interiors

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