Fabulous retreat in the Mallorcan countryside

This gorgeous farmhouse in Mallorca, Spain, spotted on Nuevo Estilo, located in a semi-rural enclave, has grown and transformed with its many different owners. The current owners, a family with four children, decided to reform this holiday home, enlarging it to suit their needs of entertaining large groups of family and friends who regularly visit.

Dispersed over two floors, there are six bedrooms, four bathrooms, living room, kitchen and an attractive exterior. Besides a new layout, recent reforms have introduced high technical improvements designed to revalue the property. Equipment and delivery systems of the house were changed to make them more efficient and sustainable and the kitchen and bathrooms were renovated to become highly functional spaces. Special care was taken in the construction to not lose the original essence.

The woodwork of doors, windows, blinds and cabinets, respects the traditional Mallorcan style, which can still be seen in the living room and kitchen, with the primitive thick walls. As for materials, local stone was chosen for floors, countertops and kitchen fronts, and coating of the bathrooms. Interior design studio Mestre Paco was commissioned for the interior decoration, creating a fresh contemporary style infused with light colors, natural fabrics and wood, enhancing the cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

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