Old school building rehabbed into modern Denmark apartment

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This renovated apartment in a former school building built in 1893 offers unlimited possibilities of creativity, located in the heart of lively Copenhagen, Denmark. Captivated by the architecture and proportions of the building, it was situated in a quite and peaceful area that was seen as a respite from the new owners daily lives. When they purchased the property, they came upon the dilemma that the school was too big and would be a large burden to repair on their own. They decided to combine family life with social, urging their friends to participate and buy into the building. The building was segregated into 16 individual apartments, with this apartment comprising of 1,506 square feet (140 square meters), with the remaining premises occupied by friends and acquaintances— a novel idea! The homeowners work in the music industry, which is what inspired the design of this home. Music, art and creativity were at the core of this renovation project, which highlights playful spaces, form and color. The homeowners describe their space as an urban oasis, as they sit on balcony overlooking the courtyard tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

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The decoration of the interiors took the new homeowners by storm. They carried out the reform with a great respect for the history of the property, but they also wanted to give the apartment a thoroughly modern character. One clever idea was to add an industrial aesthetic to the space by incorporating a wall of factory glass that separates the living room from the bedroom. Adding this treatment deepened the perspective and lit up both spaces. For the flooring, they selected wide plank oak, with a weathered appearance to give a stylish appeal. Together with the glass wall, the interior has a unique atmosphere that is cozy, yet definitively modern. This unconventional solution gave an interesting perception of space. The spaces are filled in tones of gray, black and white furnishings, with colorful works of art filling the walls.

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This house reflects the homeowner’s personalities, a creative space full artistic and musical passion. The musical part is reflected in the rich collection of vinyl records that have been accumulated over the years.

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 The glass between the living room and the bedroom becomes a nice backdrop for pictures, as you can see hanging over the bed, the extraordinary work of Australian painter photorealistic Jeremy Geddes and a collage from young contemporary American artist Shepard Fairey. The artwork is visible even after the translucent curtains are closed, which even gives the bedroom a minimum amount of privacy but allows light to filter through.

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Photos: Spotted on Ladny Dom

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