Top 10 interior design tips for 2015

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The festive season is over, everyone has settled back into the daily routines of life, work and school. Time to concentrate on home improvements; the smallest additions to a living space can yield major results.  Take time to look over the options for upgrades, small additions or a complete renovation. Ten of newest interior design […]

10 Best hybrid furniture pieces to add to your home

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Whether you live in a cozy apartment or a spacious home, it’s always smart to have furniture that can do double duty such as hybrid furniture pieces. Multipurpose pieces save space and those with storage options can hide away any personal items you don’t want cluttering up your living space. Here are the 10 best furniture […]

58 Exquisite Home Bar Designs Built For Entertaining

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If you enjoy entertaining often, you might want to entertain the idea of unleashing your creative prowess and add a custom bar design to your pad. The bar should be installed where you would want to be doing most of your hosting. Usually, that is next to the kitchen, but it also could be located […]

Home renovation rewind: Avoid 6 common pitfalls

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Many homeowners take a positive view about home renovation and believe that they can improve the look and value of their property by tackling some projects themselves or getting a contractor in to get the job done. Unfortunately, a number of these same homeowners who have already gone ahead with their renovation work, would like […]

How to turn your dream home into a reality

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We all nurture images of the perfect home inspired by photos of dust-free, professionally designed rooms in magazines. But when it comes to realizing those dreamed-of spaces, the realities of life – possessions, money and time – often hinder us. With these tips and ideas you’ll be one step closer to turning your dream home […]

30 Breathtaking interiors by Adeeni Design Group

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Adeeni Design Group is a San Francisco based interior design firm specializing in luxury residences and creative commercial interiors. Founded in 1999 and led by the versatile and Austrian-born principal Claudia Juestel, the firm creates inviting and cosmopolitan designs that reflect the homeowners’ personalities or captivate a chic audience in the company’s hospitality work. Given her […]

33 Ultra-chic interior spaces rocking your senses

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We poured through some of our favorite ultra-chic interior spaces to create this collection to help inspire you. These spaces range from ultra-opulent to ones that you could emulate in your own home. The key to making your own space chic is to add personality to it, make the space your own. Creating a chic […]

48 Most Fabulous Swimming Pools Featured on One Kindesign

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On the edge of the sea, urban or country landscape, swimming pools represent relaxation, a tribute to the landscape and, above all, a luxury for the senses. Here is a fabulous collection of some our favorite swimming holes that we have come across recently. There are so many creative and visually stunning swimming pools out […]

46 Ultra fabulous bedroom design ideas

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Today we bring to you a collection of all different kinds of fabulous and dreamy bedroom styles to inspire you. From cozy to chic to sophisticated, the sky is the limit on our choices in bedroom ambiance and style. A bedroom is the place where you begin and end each day, make it you’re most […]

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