Home decorating: Basic elements of style that are timeless

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Some trends come and go when it comes to decorating styles and ideas for your home, but there are some classic designs that never completely fade away. It can be a bit of a design dilemma for anyone looking to give their home a makeover or just wanting to achieve a look of timeless elegance that they are comfortable with. There is no doubt that every decade at least, we see some new decorating trends emerge and what tends to happen is that some of these ideas become established and stick around whilst others get filed under “dated” at some point.

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Past pointers to the future

You only have to take a look at some of the trends that we saw in the past to see that some of the design ideas and furnishings in our homes that we updated and discarded, have come back into style, making us wish we had kept the originals in the first place. You can only guess how many homeowners regret ripping out their classic Victorian bathroom fittings in favor of something more vinyl and plastic for example, only to search around recently to try and find what many interior designers now consider to be fashionable.

Some of the space-age and sleek furniture of the 70’s have recently become design classics with huge price tags attached to originals, so which items are likely to demonstrate designer staying power?

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There was a time when virtually everyone was painting their walls and wallpaper seemed to have had its day, but that has all changed and many wall coverings have managed to make a monumental comeback in recent times.

Wallpapers that depict a natural scene such as woodlands certainly took their time in the limelight, but the enthusiasm for them may have faded more recently. Simple and symmetrical patterns still hold favor and big graphic patterns are still adorning plenty of walls at the moment, but some designers believe that they may well fall from grace again in a few years.

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Anything mid-century

Mid-century modern design is aesthetically pleasing and its beauty is in its simplicity and the fact that interior designers see it as an ideal way to achieve integration that flows all the way to the outdoors.

It seems that anything mid-century is considered a good design bet at the moment and all the great names like Eames, Nelson and Bertoia have all enjoyed a massive resurgence in the last decade, so it seems that the ideas and designs associated with that period are unlikely to fade away.

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Bean bags

The great thing about bean bags is that they are real fun pieces of furniture with the versatility to be used as comfortable seating or simply as casual decor. Bean bags can be considered as one of the basic elements of style in your home that will always work with whatever look you are trying to achieve as they have that enviable quality of being able to fit into any situation, which is why they have an enduring popularity.

What you should remember is that you are really investing in more than just round bean bags, as there many different designs and textures to choose from, which you will soon discover when you visit a site like Comfy Sacks and see how adaptable to any design situation they can be.

To incorporate bean bags into your design ideas remember to choose complementary colors, pick the right size and shape that works best for your room and finally, remember to select the right texture and fabric for a perfect match and a design classic that will stick around.

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Classic finishing touches

It is always the classic finishing touches that complete the look that you are looking for and there are several accessories to consider using that tick all of the right boxes. Old globes are considered a staple of modern eclectic design and so many of those old-fashioned globes have an innate attractiveness and appeal to us for sentimental and aesthetic reasons.

If you want to inject a sense of humor and even a sense of irony, you might want to consider fake taxidermy, if you don’t want to be staring at something that used to be real and running around. It seems that fake taxidermy items are very much a product of our time, and whether you prefer the original or fake version, they seem to have stood the test of time by evolving.

If you try to incorporate some basic elements of style into your makeover that have stood the test of time, you will improve your odds of having a home that never seems to look dated.

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This guest post is courtesy of Jennifer M. Byron who works as a home decorator. She enjoys writing about home improvement and decor. Her articles can be found mainly on home improvement and DIY sites.

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