Top 10 interior design tips for 2015

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The festive season is over, everyone has settled back into the daily routines of life, work and school. Time to concentrate on home improvements; the smallest additions to a living space can yield major results.  Take time to look over the options for upgrades, small additions or a complete renovation. Ten of newest interior design trends for 2015 are all about colour, texture and patterns.

1.  Add color.

The simplest way to give a living space an upgrade is by adding a new color.  The newest color trends for 2015 are bright bold colours from the deepest blues to liveliest oranges.  Adding colour to a wall or reupholster a chair will transform a room.

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2. Mix colors.

Taking the bright bold colors and mixing them in a room will give an extra boost. Mix a vibrant purple with an aqua will create an eye popping mix. The colour scheme of red, black and white has also been grouped together to create unique bedroom palette.

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3. Add patterns.

The mixing of colors will blend together more evenly with patterns.  Having a distinct pattern on the wall help offset the boldness of colours in the room; the choices are endless.

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4. Go green.

Finding options to save money is always in style; begin by looking for eco-friendly building materials for upgrades.  Going green through the use of automated facets is making a big splash in 2015.  When upgraded a bathroom or kitchen think automation as a means to save water and protect the environment. Automation is not limited to facets, light fixtures can be set on timers to help save on electrical costs.

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5. Add textures.

Textured pillows or throws can enhance the room both visually and through touch. By enhancing senses, the room has a cozier atmosphere to relax and release the stresses of the day.

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6. Wallpaper is back.

Wallpaper has slowly been making a comeback over the last few years.  The choices are endless; bring an old room to life with new prints and textured walls.

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7. Wall Stickers.

Yes it can be said that wallpaper is back, however this is not everyone’s cup of tea so simply adding some patterned wall stickers brings a previous wall or area of a room to life. Quotes and words are proving equally as popular and are a real cost effective method of interior design.

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8. Add a touch of gold.

Gold has a retrospect component; adding a touch of gold to room gives the space a sense of class.  Gold can be used with fixtures, mirrors, candle fixtures and numerous other room embellishments.

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9. Installation of technology.

Intertwining technology with interior design has been an upward trend.  U-sockets are the biggest interior technology trend.  U-sockets allow the user to plug in power devices right into the wall unit.  The power devices alert the user when the product is fully charged; saving on electrical usage.

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10. Combined living spaces.

With the baby boomer generation getting older, combined living spaces is a growing trend.  Designing a warm family atmosphere to accommodate both the aging parents and the children is a must for a safe environment. The trend of combined living has led to safety features being integrated into households.

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Interior design trends can breathe in new life to an old space or help decorate a blank palette.  Design trends are meant to be both functional and eye catching. The choices are limited only by creativity, so get your creative juices flowing and get designing! We hope you feel inspired.

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