Choosing the perfect lighting schemes for airy and well-ventilated homes

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The appeal of a home is determined by a number of different factors. Homeowners carefully choose the type of furniture, the wall color, the flooring material and various other decor options to help a home feel inviting and livable. However, some neglect to appreciate the importance of lighting. In airy and well-ventilated homes, there is a belief that lighting is not as much as a concern as it would be in a more constrained atmosphere. However, the correct lighting can add a sense of uniqueness and help to break up what may appear to be a rather open and even cold environment while at the same time offering environmentally-friendly options with low consumption fixtures.

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The “Warmth” Factor

Well-ventilated spaces are ideal for stifling summer days, but in the evenings should rooms be sparsely lit, they can appear altogether harsh and drab. This is especially the case should the walls be painted a darker hue. Some of the best lighting techniques can add a sense of warmth and comfort to these spaces. “Airy” should never be confused with “cold”. Ceiling-mounted “High Hat” fixtures are an excellent way to bathe a room in warm light and help to accentuate the spaciousness while not leaving the occupants feeling overwhelmed.

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 Formal Dining Areas

As the dining room represents one of the areas of a home that is used most often, chandeliers can go a long way in adding a wonderful visual centerpiece that can help highlight an open environment. It is important to choose one that matches the decor around the room, otherwise the chandelier may appear “dated” and out-of-context.

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Large Areas Such as Living Rooms and Other Formal Spaces

Wall sconces are a visually stunning way to accentuate the grandeur of a larger living space while simultaneously providing an elegant backdrop to any surrounding decor or furniture. There are often times when large, open areas can have a bit of an “institutional” feel about them, and these sconces can break up this space while providing an inviting ambiance during the evening hours.

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The Environmental Advantage

In the past, properly lighting an airy or well-ventilated home was a concern due to the amount of energy consumption. Thankfully, we live in an era that offers many environmentally-friendly options when choosing a lighting fixture. For instance, energy efficient table lamps are very popular and are an effective way to break up the space of a large room while providing warm accents to the tables and furniture that may be nearby. These and other cost-effective fixtures make lighting a larger home easier and cheaper than ever before.

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Finally, it must be remembered that proper lighting does not only provide a sense of warmth and comfort, but it also serves to accent and showcase any other interior decor.

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