23 Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas Using Dollar Store Hacks


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to add spooky halloween decor to your outdoor spaces, all you need is a little creativity with these DIY dollar store hacks. These budget-friendly ideas will show you just how easy it is to transform ordinary items into some spook-tacular decor. 

The dollar store or a thrift store can be the perfect place to shop for all of your Halloween needs. Have a look below for some hauntingly simple ideas that are affordable and will add some scare factor to your yard this holiday season. Underneath each image you will find further information with links to the full tutorials.

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1. Spooky Halloween Silhouette Windows. To copy this halloween decor, you will need old white sheets (top sheets), which if you don’t have any on hand, try sourcing from a thrift store. For the silhouette, you can find them in the dollar store, or DIY your own with black construction paper or black vinyl. Get the full how-to tutorial at the provided link. (via Bliss Ranch)


2. Tin Can Pumpkins. This simple DIY will add some colorful and spooky-fun ornamentation to any tree on your yard. All you will need for this project is some repurposed wet canned pet food containers, orange spray paint, large hole punch, circle punch, orange scrapbook paper, black vinyl, glue dots and green twine. The pumpkin faces can be made by drawing the face on with black felt marker or use stickers from the dollar store or any craft store. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Yesterday On Tuesday)


3. Glowing Plastic Jack O’ Lantern Totem. Add a fantastic glow to your doorstep with this simple DIY trick. All you need is five plastic jack o’lantern buckets, witch hat, power drill, 1″ to 1 1/2″ hole drill bit, garden stake (at least 5-feet tall), 1 string of white lights or solar LED rope light, mallet and wire. Be sure to place this not too far from an outlet or use an extension cord. A timer will also work well. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Scratch and Stitch)


4. Haunted Halloween Hanging Ghosts. Pottery Barn has something similar, but why not copy it for a fraction of the cost? Here, we have styrofoam balls (8″, 6″, 4″), black craft paint, small paint brush, cheesecloth or creepy cloth fabric (approximately 2 yards per ghost, in 1-yard squares, for a total of 6 yards), and E600 craft adhesive glue. These three ghosts cost less than $15.00 to DIY! Get the full instructions for this halloween decor at the provided link. (via Simply Designing)



5. DIY Spiderweb Doormat. You can re-create this super simple doormat for under $10! To make this, you will need one low-pile black half circle doormat, white fabric paint and a thin bristle paint brush. This doormat was found at IKEA for $5. Get the full how-to at the provided link. (via Delia Creates)



YouTube video

6. Framed Spider Web. To make this spider web for your front door as an alternative to a wreath, you will need a dollar store or thrifted frame. Remove the artwork and glass and spray paint it green (Krylon brand, gloss). For the web, you will need speckled yarn. Check out the how-to video above to make your own spider web. (via Made Everyday)


7. Spooky Fabric Hanging Ghosts. Made from paper lanterns, these floating ghosts can be hung from a tree, light post or shepherd’s hook. You will need white paper lanterns (without lighting kit), white fabric, black felt or foam sheet (for eyes and mouth), scissors, fabric glue or glue gun with glue sticks, string or twine. Get the complete tutorial at the provided link. (via HGTV)


8. Jack Skellington Door DIY. To make this iconic Halloween character, you will need three sheets of 8.5 x 11 black card stock paper, a roll of black electrical tape, scissors and a printer. To trace out the shapes onto the card stock paper, get the free printable Door Template. The tape will be used to shape the mouth. Get the instructions at the provided link. (via Homemade Heather)



9. DIY Wicked Witch Legs. To DIY these witch legs, you will need either pool noodles or pine shavings, dollar store striped stockings, and thrift store witch shoes. If you use pine shavings to fill up the stockings, you will need garden stakes (pushed down the center all the way to the toe). This can be planted in the garden or in a pot. (via HGTV)


10. Spooky Witches Curtain. To make this, you will need black plastic sheets or tablecloths from the dollar store. Cut in strips and pulled to create strands. Hang all over your porch, doorways, over the garage, etc. This simple DIY is inexpensive and will add some spooky fun to your outdoor halloween decor. (via Tina Marie Interior Design)


11. Creepy Hanging Skulls. Spray paint seven plastic skulls in any color you wish. Affix rope or twine to the back of each skull using double-sided tape or a hot glue gun. Group them together and hang using a screw eye or plant hook affixed to the porch ceiling, tree branch, etc. (via Brian Patrick Flynn for HGTV)



12. Witchy Welcome. Fun and easy to make, here are a couple of additional ideas on DIY’ing your own witches legs to display on your front porch or garden. Get the full details at the provided links. (via Instructables / Grillo Designs)


13. Witches Cauldron. Fill a cauldron (inexpensive plastic transformed to rusted, iron) with dollar store finds, including witches brooms, witches sign, pumpkins, a crow, a spider, a skull and a mason jar with a spooky label. For the filling, use old newspapers or even bags, then add creepy cloth or cheesecloth and Spanish moss (craft store such as Michaels). Made for under $5! Get the instructions at the provided link. (via Let It Shine)


14. Creepy Monster Mash Halloween Door. This kid-friendly door decor offers plenty of fun with it’s multi-eyes. To make the eyes, you will need paper plates. Craft paper, markers and scissors will help to create the rest of this fun design. (via @porchdotcom)


15. Ghostly Outdoor Draperies. Add a spooky touch to your outdoor halloween decor with billowing, tattered draperies using inexpensive cheesecloth. Get the full instructions at the provided link. (via HGTV)



16. Plastic Pumpkin Arch. Adorn your entryway with plastic pumpkins illuminated with LED Christmas lights. This doorway used 31 pumpkins, you will need just enough to highlight your own entry. A soldering iron was used to melt holes into the backs of the pumpkins to insert the lights. Hooks around the door are used to hang the lights. The pumpkins are placed on a light and tied by the handle and onto the hooks. Add some embellishments, including a spiderweb curtain. (via Crafty Morning)


17. Three Witches And A Cauldron. To re-create this witchy gathering on your yard, you will need some fabric, empty bottles (small laundry detergent bottles work best) and green spray paint. Even the witch hat is a DIY, however you can find the dollar store or craft stores. Insert them into the ground with a trio of garden stakes (Home Depot) and a cauldron to complete the look. Get the full instructions at the provided link. (via Scratch and Stitch)


18. Halloween Cage Props. All of the items you need to make these can be found at Dollar Tree! The items you will need include: two small laundry baskets, fake chain, zip ties or shower curtain rings (to open and close the cages and to attach the chain to the basket), black spray paint (or just buy black baskets if available), silver spray paint, scissors and Halloween skeletons.  Get the tutorial at the provided link. (via Home Talk)


19. Spooky Ceiling Decor. Hang this spooky halloween decor from your covered entry, porch or from a tree. To re-create, buy some clear dollar store balloons and fill them with water, add a glow stick and put them into stockings. You will also need rope to hang them from Command hooks or J-hooks. Hang at varied heights. (via Hearts of Glass)


20. Creepy Spider In A Tree. For this simple yet spooky look, all you need are bags of dollar store spider webbing and a large spider. Wrap the webbing around a tree in your front yard and affix the spider. (via Glass Wings)


21. Hocus Pocus “Billy” Butcherson. This creepy graveyard will be sure to spook your neighbors and guests. You can make your own gravestones with the DIY of the next image below. (via @pro.fessorpumpkin)



22. DIY Cardboard Tombstone. Add some spooky to your front yard with these hauntingly realistic 3D cardboard tombstones. To make these, you will need cardboard boxes, measuring tape, scissors, packing tape, sand or bricks, 3-inch stencils, newspaper, decoupage glue, spray paint (gray, rustic umber and flat black), and a hot glue gun. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via eHow / Pinterest)


23. Eerie Ghost Swing. A scary ghost hangs from a swing, a simple white sheet hung with fishing line. Use a styrofoam ball to form the head. Attach the sides to the chains of the swing and drape the sheet to create a spooky look. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

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