Deep in Patagonia’s landscape: Hotel Salto Chico

The enormous mountain range of the Chilean Patagonia as a backdrop adds to the true beauty and wonderment of this region. The architecture of the hotel is small-scale in comparison to its surrounding environment. Designed by talented Chilean architect German del Sol, founder of the Explora travel agency, Hotel Salto Chico can be found at what some would consider, “the world’s ultimate lands’ end.” This stunning luxury eco-hotel is located in Torres del Paine, a national park in central Patagonia, along the banks of Lake Pahoe, at the southernmost tip of Chile. This area has also been declared by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, due the extensive untouched land. Del Sol created this 50 room property with an attempt to flow with the natural forms that surround it. Viewed from up close, this hotel appears more as an observation station with incredible ambiance.

To stay as a guest in one of these beautiful appointed rooms with an incredible view ranges from, $2,660 to $6,224 for four nights or $4,720 to $11,360 for eight nights, per person, all meals and excursions included, from here.

The exterior of the hotel has been painted white to blend in with the exterior environment of glaciers, icebergs and snowcapped mountains.

The pathway leads to various places such as the street, into nature, as well as the pier at Lake Pahoe.

The interiors of the hotel features a mix of local lenga wood, cypress, and slate, as well clever lighting and panels of glass that provide incredible views of the park.

The architect designed all the lighting, furniture and accessories and had local artisans crafts everything from materials native to the land. Most of the rooms feature panoramic views of the waterfalls, mountains, glaciers or lakes that are adjacent to the hotel.

Wood support beams in the interior and cement cladding on the exterior of the hotel help to protect the structure from the strong winds and harsh winter elements.

The Ona Bath House is in a separate section of the hotel, the pool and the jacuzzi is at the same elevation as the lake to take advantage of the views.

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11 years ago

I think it’s a great place for spending vacation. Definitely, I will go there.