Contemporary forested home with spectacular views

Ranco House is located in a privileged area of Lago Ranco, Chile, designed by studio elton+léniz arquitectos asociados. The shape of the house forms to the landscape, respecting the existence of a large rock cliff and numerous native trees, with spectacular views. The 6,458 square foot (600 square meters) house is composed of two volumes that are connected by a bridge way around the rock and adapts to the position of the trees.

From the architects, “the language of the house responds to the use of typical materials of the south of Chile (shingles, wood) with its own language by treating the wood with carbonileo outward, giving the color black, and a natural interior. Moreover, it is used a more contemporary language with the concrete to create a high noble plane on which is mounted much of the program. The result is a mix between a typical southern barn and a contemporary house, taking care of the integration of interior and exterior, in which, like a tree house, the house takes a privileged position facing the landscape.” Via

Photos: Marcos Mendizabal

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