LEED Silver house in Atlanta nestles into its wooded environment

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This modern residence with a LEED Silver rating is home to the principal architects at TaC Studios Architecture, located in Atlanta, Georgia. After years of developing ‘Green’ strategies for their clients, they wished to apply several of these techniques, systems and products into their new home/studio. Not only does the home have its LEED Silver rating, but is also participating with the Build for America program which monitors the systems performance. The home offers a geothermal mechanical system that is linked to the water heating system. During hot summer months, cool air is drawn from the courtyard, through the stairwell and out the roof.

The roof has been designed to be ready for a future planting system and has also been pre-wired for a photovoltaic array. According to the architects, the landscape materials were selected for each particular zone of the property and for their drought tolerance.” The couple preferred their entryway to be through a garden gate instead of a front door. It was all about the experience for them, like going through a secret portal. So entrance into the home is through a courtyard, which also for a controlled transition from the street. There is a transition from entering into the garden and then capturing the sound of the pool fountain.

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The exterior facade was designed to be simple, with metal panels and European stucco. The home was intended to be, above all else, low-maintenance.

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What We Love: The backyard water features are a heavenly oasis, with the narrow swimming pool and fountain that splashes into a koi pond. The bamboo decking, freestanding fireplace and lush, tropical plantings feels like an urban spa, a great place to live and work! We would be out chilling by the pool with a laptop, how about you?

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The main living level features views out towards the exterior pool/koi courtyard, while opening out onto the expasive deck fashioned after the Japanese engawa.

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The dining room offers a view to the swimming pool and koi pond.

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Opening out to the koi pond, the dining room has been decorated with an art collection consisting of mainly southern, untrained artists.

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The kitchen is at the heart of the home, with sliding glass doors that connects to the deck and swimming pool courtyard. This is a great space for entertaining, offering an expansion of the indoor area.

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The studio on the second level studio was designed to benefit from the continuous north light, allowing the architects to work with even natural lighting throughout the day.

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The master bedroom features extensive windows, providing treetop vistas.

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The master bathroom offers dual shower heads and a skylight to help illuminate the space.

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A rooftop terrace is located on the third level surrounded by a canopy of mature oak trees.

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The covered deck helps to protect from the elements, making it usable all year round.

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The swimming pool is an outdoor oasis surrounded by an expansive bamboo deck. The dimensions of the pool is eight feet wide by fifty feet long… perfect for swimming laps!

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Photos: Anthony Masterson

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A foam core model was created of the architects home prior to construction.

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