Courtyard house in Spain radiates with freshness and light

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A courtyard house has undergone a complete reform, transformed into an urban oasis, full of light, charm and freshness, located in Barcelona, Spain. The new homeowners had previously resided in an apartment, which had plenty of style and was ideal, but not big enough for their expanding family. With the arrival of their second child, the decision to find a new home was eminent. The selection process was simple, they needed a home with enough light and space for children.

They begun searching for lower floor apartments that would be accessible to outside. Then they fell on this house through a newspaper ad, although upon first visit, they were extremely disappointed by the deterioration. They were intrigued, but new there was a lot of work that needed to be done to make this home livable. They returned with an architect friend, who realized, immediately, the potential of this home. Showcasing high ceilings and an almost square footprint that would make re-distribution a breeze.

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A comprehensive reform took ten months to complete, managing to preserve the best features of the home, while making a radical change. The first step was to tear down the wall that separated the courtyard house and replace it with a large glass facade. This helped to take advantage of the natural light and gain visual depth by turning the outdoor space into an extension of the interior.

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The second step was to organize the interior spaces to be oriented towards the courtyard. Therefore, the new distribution divides the house into two halves, on the left, common areas, and to the right, the sleeping areas. Between the two, a volume occupied by the kitchen, designed with with the idea of making life in the dining room and outdoor patio.

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As for the decor, it emphasizes the naturalness of the environment, a mix of vintage furniture and visual impact of some details, such as large-format photographs in the lounge and dining room. Soaring ceilings helps to not only enhance natural light from the courtyard, but also to make the most of the space. The dining room features a large built-in library design as, while the master bedroom features an L-shaped loft, to gain a dressing room.

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What We Love: A feeling of spaciousness was created in this courtyard house by the use of extensive glass in the main living area, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. The courtyard is a cozy little oasis in the heart of a bustling city, a fantastic family home to enjoy for years to come. Readers, what do you think, are there any features in this home that you are digging?

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Photos: Mi Casa

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