30 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Elevate Your Cooking Experience


Revamping your kitchen doesn’t necessarily require an extensive renovation, think outside the box by updating your kitchen lighting for a whole new look. A mere alteration in the lighting scheme of your culinary haven can bring about a remarkable metamorphosis in its appearance and functionality.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of glamorous globe pendant lights or the eclectic charm of an assortment of lights in diverse shapes and sizes, our collection will undoubtedly ignite your imagination. Once you’ve perused these options, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on a quest for the perfect new lighting fixtures or possess an outstanding reference to share with your interior designer.

If you’re uncertain about the precise lighting changes you wish to make, we have you covered with a plethora of awe-inspiring light fixtures featured below. Underneath each of the images is a description of the light fixture, which is all sourced from one of our favorite lighting companies, Urban Electric Co.

One crucial aspect of designing a functional and inviting kitchen is choosing the right light fixtures. Proper lighting enhances the ambiance, functionality, and overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

  1. Assess your kitchen’s layout and purpose: Begin by evaluating the layout and purpose of your kitchen. Consider the size, ceiling height, and available natural light. Determine the primary activities in your kitchen, such as cooking, dining, or entertaining. Understanding these aspects will help you determine the optimal lighting requirements for each area.
  2. Layered lighting: A well-lit kitchen requires a combination of three primary lighting layers: ambient, task, and accent lighting.
  3. Ambient lighting: This is the general illumination that provides overall brightness to the space. Consider recessed lights, flush-mount fixtures, or track lighting to evenly distribute light throughout the kitchen.
  4. Task lighting: Essential for specific work areas where focused light is needed. Install under-cabinet lights to illuminate countertops, pendant lights above islands or dining tables, or adjustable spotlights for stove and sink areas.
  5. Accent lighting: Used to create visual interest and highlight architectural features or decorative elements. Use wall sconces, LED strip lights, or display lighting to accentuate artwork, shelving, or unique textures in the kitchen.
  6. Style and aesthetics: Light fixtures should complement your kitchen’s overall style and aesthetic. Whether your kitchen follows a modern, traditional, or transitional design, there are numerous lighting options to suit your taste. Consider the material, finish, shape, and size of the fixtures to ensure they harmonize with your kitchen’s decor.
  7. Dimmers and controls: Installing dimmer switches and lighting controls allows you to adjust the brightness levels according to your needs. Dimmers provide versatility, allowing you to create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere for dining or parties, as well as full brightness for cooking and food preparation.


1. The Chiltern Double from Urban Electric Co. possesses an impeccable balance, seamlessly blending various metals and incorporating lustrous powder-coated shades. Whether placed in a kitchen as a timeless island pendant or suspended above a billiard table, its design exudes a sense of sophistication that is truly unparalleled. Shades shown in RAL #6013 Reed Green powder coat finish with a hewn brass lacquered interior. (via Cortney Bishop Design)


2. The Chisholm Clean lantern from Urban Electric Co. is classic and contemporary. This one is a white finish with hewn brass lacquered accents and clear glass. (via Jenkins Interiors)


3. The brass Mac pendant from Urban Electric Co. is a go-to for kitchen islands and culinary workspaces. This one is shown in RAL #7012 Basalt Grey powder coat finish with hewn brass unlacquered accents and hewn brass unlacquered shade interior finish. (via L.B. Copeland Interiors)


4. The Malplaquet from Urban Electric Co. draws inspiration from a vintage Swedish lantern design, and emerges as a favored option for kitchen islands, showcasing its remarkable hardware and practicality. Its standout characteristic lies in the etched glass adorned with an elegant striped pattern, adding a touch of sophistication. This fixture has been painted in Benjamin Moore #1558 Fieldstone with bronze accents. (via Taylor Borsari)


5. Eddystone, boasting a unique combination of handblown glass and cast brass cap, stands as one of Urban Electric Co.’s most groundbreaking fixtures. Whether chosen in smaller dimensions or used on a grander scale, this lighting piece possesses an awe-inspiring allure that truly captivates. (via Cameron Ruppert Interiors)


6. Named after the iconic Chelsea Bridge in London, the Chelsea from Urban Electric Co. embodies its architectural significance. Combining traditional lantern design with a contemporary twist, this remarkable lighting fixture showcases a striking interplay of modern rectangular elements, contrasting trim, and a visually captivating top ring. Whether gracing an entryway or illuminating a kitchen island, it serves as the perfect centerpiece, making a bold statement. This one is shown in a bronze finish with antique brass accents and clear glass. (via Heidi Woodman Interiors)


7. Evoking the elegance and allure of the 1920s, the Winston from Urban Electric Co. exudes timeless charm as a captivating table companion. Encircled by elongated glass rods, it conceals a recessed LED panel, resulting in a gentle and uniform glow devoid of any visible light source. This fixture is a size large in polished brass lacquered and clear glass. (via Lindsey Herod Interiors


8. Drawing inspiration from the fixtures that gained popularity in France during the 1940s and 1950s, Lundy Flushmount from Urban Electric Co. serves as a perfect canvas to introduce a touch of vibrant hues or a glimmering combination of metallic tones to any hallway, kitchen, or even a powder room. This one is shown in size regular with a polished nickel finish with polished nickel accents. (via Elizabeth Bauer Interior Design)


9. With its elegantly arched roof and charming top loop, the Gibson kitchen island pendant from Urban Electric Co. strikes a delightful balance between sophistication and playfulness, making it the ideal choice for any refined culinary space. This fixture is shown in a vintage finish with hewn brass unlacquered accents. (via Amelia T. Handegan, Inc.)


10. Drawing inspiration from the timeless bell jar pendants that gained popularity during the American Colonial and Federalist eras, the Urban Smokebell offers the perfect showcase of Urban Electric Co.’s meticulously applied translucent antique mirroring. However, it is just as appealing when crafted from clear or seeded glass. The light fixture in this kitchen is a size regular, with a bronze finish and a translucent mirror on clear glass. (via Elizabeth Godwin Interiors)


11. This exquisite light fixture is called the “Mac” from Urban Electric Co. and is in a white finish with hewn brass lacquered accents and hewn brass lacquered shade interior. (via Park and Oak Interior Design)


12. This statuesque stunner called “Pipe Hang” from Urban Electric Co. achieves the ideal blend of bold hardware elements and a timeless glass globe, resulting in an impressive architectural presence. Whether adorned with a mixed-metal finish or carefully placed paint accents, it effortlessly emanates a captivating blend of Bauhaus inspiration and contemporary cafe culture ambiance, making it an impeccable addition to any kitchen or dining area. This fixture is shown in an antique gilt finish with polished nickel accents. (via Light and Dwell)


13. Featuring a charmingly playful touch, the Capse Flush from Urban Electric Co. effortlessly infuses any room, whether arranged along a hallway or forming a captivating grid across the ceiling, with its enchanting three-dimensional scalloped collar and domed diffuser. This size regular light fixture is painted in Farrow & Ball #92 Lake Red. (via Sasha Bikoff)


14. The Campion from Urban Electric Co. showcases a clever and captivating blend of materials, combining hand-applied antique mirror facets with intricate filigree, resulting in the perfect illumination for dining rooms, studies, or expansive spaces with lower ceilings. The fixtures over the island are in an heirloom finish with antique brass accents. The wall sconces are the Belle Meade in an heirloom finish and shade SH-301C-IVY. (via Harrison Design


15. This beautiful kitchen and eat-in breakfast nook feature the Eddystone Round pendant lights from Urban Electric Co. in a polished brass unlacquered finish. Above the dining area is the Chisholm Clean in a black finish with polished brass unlacquered accents and clear glass. (via Liz Caan Interiors)


16. The craftsmanship of this metal-shaded pendant is exceptional, featuring intricate details such as contrasting screw-heads and a gracefully suspended diffuser securely held in position by slender brass elements. The Chiltern Single from Urban Electric Co. has an antique brass finish with RAL #7033 Cement Grey accents and hewn brass lacquered interior finish. (via Wolf in Sheep Design)


17. With its impressive scale and bold contrast, The Flat from Urban Electric Co. is a timeless classic. Offering customizable height options that range from snug semi-flush to full-hang and everything in between, this fixture effortlessly commands attention on any ceiling, making a captivating statement. The Flat is shown in a heirloom finish with black accents. (via Brown Design Group)


18. With its crown detailing, mechanical latches, handmade chain, and delicate lilac-colored glass, the Grayfoy from Urban Electric Co. is a captivating sight whether adorning entryways or illuminating kitchen prep areas. Its ornate design makes it a true marvel to behold. The Grayfoy is shown in an antique brass finish with blackened pewter accents and clear glass. (via Steven Gambrel)


19. The Bishop’s uncomplicated yet elegant cast brass body, whether arranged in a grid pattern on a kitchen ceiling or positioned intermittently along a hallway, bestows upon the fixture a remarkable ability to transform any space, serving as an exceptional substitute for recessed lights in almost any location. Bishop is shown in a vintage finish with vintage accents, sourced from Urban Electric Co. (via Heidi Caillier Design)


20. The Chisholm Hall lantern from Urban Electric Co. exudes a timeless and classic charm, moving effortlessly from room to room. The light fixture is painted in Benjamin Moore #HC-143 Wythe Blue with polished nickel accents and clear glass. (via Jenny Keenan Design)


21. Drawing inspiration from a Cape Cod getaway, the Hull pendant light from Urban Electric Co. reimagines the timeless charm of the classic New England onion lantern. Infused with both Art Deco elegance and maritime allure, this sleek ship light eagerly welcomes personalized accents, such as striking finishes or delightful splashes of unconventional hues. In this kitchen, the Hull light fixture has an antique brass finish and is painted in Benjamin Moore #2060-10 Symphony Blue accents. (via Ann Wolf Interior Decoration)


22. The Cosy from Urban Electric Co. stands as an everlasting favorite, captivating with its versatile blend of materials, sleek contours, and intentional infusion of color. This art piece possesses the remarkable ability to instantly invigorate any room it graces. The light fixture in this kitchen features a polished brass lacquered finish with Benjamin Moore #BM329 Golden Orchards accents and clear glass. (via Collins Interiors)


23. With remarkable versatility and flawless design, the Globus pendant from Urban Electric Co. embodies their interpretation of the timeless globe. Its potential for customization in finishes knows no bounds, offering an array of glass choices that span from transparent to frosted to mirrored, allowing you to either showcase or soften the radiant cluster of bulbs within. The pendant shown is blackened pewter with polished nickel accents. (via White Sands Design/Build)


24. The Eddystone, featuring its unique handblown glass and cast brass cap, stands out as one of Urban Electric’s most groundbreaking fixtures. The fixture shown above is in an heirloom finish with opal glass. (via Kate Marker Interiors)


25. Add a touch of vibrancy or a hint of contrasting metallic tones to your hallway, kitchen, or powder room with this Lundy Flushmount from Urban Electric Co., perfect for showcasing versatility. The light fixture is painted in Benjamin Moore #HC-154 Hale Navy paint with antique brass accents. (via Jenny Keenan Design)


26. Add a pop of color or a touch of mixed metals to your kitchen, hallway, or even a powder room with this versatile Lundy Hang pendant from Urban Electric Co. This one is in a black finish with antique brass accents. (via Christine Donner Design)


27. Drawing inspiration from a rare vintage piece, the Kronam from Urban Electric Co. exudes Old World grace at an oversized scale. This pendant is shown in a vintage finish with antique brass accents. (via Daniel Beck Architecture)


28. The Harper pendant light from Urban Electric Co. is a modern interpretation of the timeless bistro pendant. It offers the perfect canvas for experimenting with diverse metal combinations and incorporating a touch of understated color. This light fixture is shown in a bronze finish with UECo. Signature Color Smoke Blue accents and partially etched glass, modified. (via Crosby Designs LLC)


29. In this gorgeous kitchen, the Eddystone pendant lights from Urban Electric Co. are in a hewn brass lacquered finish with opal glass. (via Whittney Parkinson Design)


30. With its classic and traditional design, the Hamilton pendant from Urban Electric Co. effortlessly creates an open and airy atmosphere. This versatile piece embraces the advantages of limitless scalability and customization, making it a perfect fit for adorning kitchen islands, gracing grand entryways, or floating above vast great rooms. The fixture in this kitchen has a hewn brass lacquered finish with Benjamin Moore #1315 Poppy interior finish. (via Summer Thornton Design)

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