Retro-modern details infused into restored Barcelona apartment

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Reformed from the top down, this beautiful house in Barcelona, Spain, spotted on Mi Casa, maintains its noble essence with dazzling interior design and architecture and great distribution of spaces. Interior designers Daniel Pérez & Felipe Araujo, from the studio Egue y Seta were in charge of the project, transforming the home completely while still preserving some of the historical features. They maintained the height of the ceiling, restored the wooden beams and chose a vintage flooring pattern. The decoration style of the home was a retro-modern and industrial infused together to create a perfect blend.

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The original design of the home was articulated through a corridor, which now revolves around a large kitchen, occupying one third of the area on the ground floor. The new distribution contributes to creating more spaciousness and blurs the boundary between public and private spaces. The living room and bedrooms remain open to filter natural light throughout the home. Even the master bathroom, which is inside the bedroom, has a glass partition with plants inside to add privacy but enables light to penetrate the space.

Above: The turquoise painted room adds visual depth to the space.

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Above: The living room occasionally becomes a guest room, with a fold out bed behind the white cabinet doors.

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Above: A large glass, with plants in the interior, as a greenhouse, creates a separation between spaces, which leads to one of the bedrooms.

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What We Love: The retro-modern design details used throughout this home gives the living spaces their own unique flair. From the patterned tiling to the wood beam ceilings and potted plants, this home has plenty of charm. We are loving all the industrial elements, from the large pendant lights to the the exposed ductwork, wood beams and steel framed windows… Readers, please share in the comments what you think of the overall design of this home!

Retro-Modern Apartment-Egue y Seta-06-1 Kindesign

Retro-Modern Apartment-Egue y Seta-07-1 Kindesign

Above: Wood beams and exposed air conditioning ducts give an industrial air to the kitchen with a king-sized table in the middle.

Retro-Modern Apartment-Egue y Seta-08-1 Kindesign

Above: A high shelving, industrial aesthetic, replaces a traditional dresser.

Retro-Modern Apartment-Egue y Seta-09-1 Kindesign

Above: Bed linen colors and vintage pieces adds personality to the bedroom, where the extraordinary luminosity of the walls highlights, by contrast, with the light and dark of the flooring.

Retro-Modern Apartment-Egue y Seta-10-1 Kindesign

Above: Tiling with a hexagonal mosaic of small format, the bathroom becomes an exclusive space.

Photos: Mi Casa

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