An old alcohol distillery converted into modern loft in Barcelona

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This cool loft is located in an old alcohol distillery that was converted by design-build firm Passatge del Sucre into several structures and declared of architectural interest. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the decoration of this project was commissioned by the interior architecture firm Coco-Mat, who created a modern and functional living space. The interiors of this apartment allows for freedom of movement, multi-functional environments and visual depth.

In the reform of this project, it can be said that the materials are the props of the project. Each room in this home conveys an exceptional sense of comfort and well-being. The interiors are characterized by expansive windows, soaring ceilings, open spaces and exposed brick. Have a look below for the complete visual home tour and more information on this fabulous conversion project…

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The project began by persevering one wall of brick and changing the others to white walls to reflect natural light. Oak flooring in long planks helps to infuse the space with warmth. A steel staircase and veneer ducts for the HVAC system were left exposed, lending an industrial aesthetic to the interior.

The decoration was also decisive for achieving unique environments. On the main level, where the common areas are located, the large scale furnishings are proportional to the space and the expansive windows. The L-shaped sofa, which seems almost endless, catches all of the attention in the living room.

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Above: In the dining room, two oak tables are adjoined together to offer an expansive seating area. The choice of these tables gives maximum flexibility to the space. One of them is used daily for meals and the second, for work; But the latter, can always accommodate more diners for entertaining.

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What We Love: This modern loft features a wonderful open floorplan layout with exposed brick, exposed ductwork, high ceilings and luminous interiors. The use of wood on the floors helps to add warmth to this industrial loft space. A dramatic steel staircase brings you up to the upper level, where the cozy master bedroom retreat offers its homeowners a comfortable and private space for relaxation.

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Above: The upper level encompasses the master bedroom retreat with a separate bathroom. In the serene bedroom, true to the philosophy of the Coco-Mat brand, the undisputed star is the large bed, pure comfort, wrapped in a headboard, pillows, cushions and a romantic canopy.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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