Majorcan house features a blending of rural spirit and modernity

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A Majorcan house with a picturesque countryside setting designed by architect Antoni Esteva reflects the rustic flavor and spirit of Balearic construction. Upon entrance to this home, a small, well-laid courtyard, composed of lush vegetation, enhances the sense of spaciousness, brightness and sobriety that permeates throughout the interior. The unit of materials and the undisputed leadership of the Balearic indigenous architecture is a constant in the structure, which is split into three levels due to the slope. Masonry walls and a mixture of limestone and lime mortar, shape the facade, which is surrounded by a leafy plant that manages to fuse together the strong construction with nature and the surrounding landscape.

The merger between rural spirit and modernity characterize the interior spaces, which, despite retaining a backdrop of the Majorcan tradition, manage to have their own entity through refined furnishings characterized by simplicity. Thus, and in line with the Mediterranean architecture, whitewashed walls and roofs appear and take center stage to the exposed rafters of north pine wood and local sandstone. This porous material and soft, intense ocher tones, lining the floor of the entire house, provides contrast to the white walls, but above all, warmth. So much so, that the interior materials encourage barefoot living throughout the year. There are no obstacles in this Majorcan house, since there are no interior doors. The rooms are connected by large transparent steps.

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Located in the same space, a hallway, dining room, living room and kitchen are a clear example of this visual continuity, which is enhanced by the use of the same chromatic range in the tapestries and the horizontal row of wooden beams decorating the ceiling in these four spaces. However, through ceiling height changes, small flights of stairs or, as between the dining room and kitchen by a partition that intentionally does not reach the ceiling, each room manages to retain its own autonomy. This same philosophy is echoed in the area where the private bedroom zones are, which, located at a higher level, have balconies from which not only the landscape, but also the attractive porches and the pool area are viewed.

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What We Love: This Majorcan house is surrounded by natural beauty that makes for a tranquil and relaxing living environment. Stunning materials elements integrated into the architecture of this property makes for a visually pleasing home both inside and out. This is one charming home in the countryside… what do you think?

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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