Fabulous Mediterranean dream house

The creation of this sensational Mallorcan house, an island off of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, is by architect Miguel Ángel Lacomba. The house is oriented to the south, with the mountains behind and overlooking the swimming pool and Mediterranean garden, the house sits, crowned by a cubic volume in the center, which is the master bedroom. One of the characteristic features of the façade of the home is based on two-colors: white – resounding and ubiquitous – and grey, accompanied by warm wood for the shutters.

This core trio is pronounced in the external façade, the cubic forms of the building have been coated with sandstone, covering everything like a white and luminous skin. Majorcan wood shutters turn into sliding panels that slide to protect from the sun and allows for privacy. The gray hues are demonstrated in the aluminum frames wrapped around the large windows. The interior decoration is by designer Mestre Paco, who has given a clean aesthetic, following the same trend and respecting that minimal essence tricolor. The interiors are filled with natural light and filtered light, depending on whether the glass doors or shutters are open or closed. What do you think of this fabulous home, does it inspire you? Via

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