New York penthouse with panoramic skyline views

David and Jane Cohen had finally moved into their perfect dream apartment filled distinctive architectural details, big beautiful windows and stunning views of the New York City skyline. The terrace of the penthouse, located in the Murray Hill neighborhood, is perfect for entertaining. Their temporary furnishings were too neutral and bland for the 2,000 square foot space, making the aesthetic of the penthouse appear as a big white box. They wished to have a bright and colorful home, so they hired designers Robert & Cortney Novogratz to fulfill the task.

The goal of the designer’s was to infuse the penthouse with a vibrant and timeless eclectic look. They mixed contemporary furnishings with vintage pieces and colorful surrealist works of art by artists such as Cristina Vergano and Richard Phillips. To make the new home really pop, they used metallics to reflect the New York City skyline and bold punches of color in the furnishings and artwork to make the space really extraordinary.

The master bedroom features a bed that is backed by the skyscrapers instead of using a traditional headboard. The bed was decorated with ethnic details such as linen and an ottoman in terracotta to contrast with the urban city backdrop. Even the bathroom shower features incredible urban city views. The illuminating chandeliers create a dramatic statement in the main living area are placed at varying heights from the 18 foot high ceilings and connect the two floors of the house. The dining room is comprised of a Philippe Starke inspired marble dining table and silver Louis-style chairs. The oval shape allows for additional seating and fits perfect in the space. The mint green 40s chairs, navy Deco chairs and Harry Bertoia chairs were discovered at Adelaide. Via

Visit the website of Robert & Courtney Novogratz who also have a show on HGTV, here.

Before and After

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10 years ago

my exact thoughts, redz

11 years ago

*raises hand*

I have a question or two: WHO ARE these young people, WHAT do they do; and HOW on earth can they afford so much space–in a penthouse, no less–in New York City?

Just. Wow. Gorgeous. All of it.

I’d definitely spring for sheers or some type of window coverings, especially in the bathroom…unless they enjoy being exhibitionists!