Beautifully restored oil mill in Mallorca

This beautiful rural home, spotted on Nuevo Estilo, is situated in Algaida, in the heart of Mallorca, Spain has passed through many uses since it was built in the 1700’s. It was once an inn, then a winery, an oil mill, and then it was abandoned and forgotten. Architect Durval Dias Junior discovered this historical ruin and decided to transform it into a breathtaking refuge. This typical rural construction fascinated the architect by the endless possibilities that it offered. As stated by the architect, “it retained in good condition many ancient elements that gave a clear identity.” It was his respect for these elements, and his desire to maintain them, that defined the rehabilitation. He preserved the original stone, certain walls, the arches of the openings, the original staircase, as well as additional recovered materials that remain part of the house, but in other uses. The old wooden beams were re-purposed to shape the interior doors.

When it came to the interior decoration, the architect sought to create an ambiance of elegant architectural austerity. With the addition of few ornamental elements and clearly defined spaces that pays a warm tribute to the sober Majorcan town houses. The furniture entwines newer pieces with simple lines mixed with a vintage industrial touch, which demonstrates the passage of time, but with comfort in mind. The home is infused with a calm palette of natural colors of black and white and essential materials of wood, stone and iron, mixed with ancestral resources such as polished concrete that unifies all the spaces, while concealing the underfloor heating system. Another example of how tradition and modernity can go hand in hand in perfect harmony.

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12 years ago