Stunning concrete and glass home in Mallorca

Today we present to you an incredible concrete and glass home located in Costa d’en Blanes in Mallorca, Spain designed by SCT Estudio de Arquitectura. The original residence on this long and narrow plot of land was torn down and a new one was constructed in its place. The client wished to have the sleeping quarters located on the ground level and the daytime rooms located on the upper level where the views are better and there is more privacy with regard to the adjoining plots and allowing for use of the pool and solarium to be on the level where the daytime activity is generated.

From the architects: “Our aim was to make the volumetry of the building simple, clear and emphatic. In this regard, the side facades and the section have been treated like a ribbon that fold, forming the lateral panels and slabs that contain the program on each floor. The ribbon that folds and shapes the slabs and walls is in a heavy material ‘concrete’ and the lateral enclosures are made of a light, fragile material, i.e. glass. Only a patio opens to one side cuts through the ribbon. Conceptually, the floors have been modulated with a 1×1 m. section, and this modulation is reflected in the composition of the facades, patterns of concrete slabs, carpentry and distribution designs. The succession of visuals from the solarium, patio terrace, steps, lounge, covered terrace, open terrace, towards the views, endows the house with a high level of spatial quality.” Via

Visit the website of SCT Estudio de Arquitectura here.

Photos: José Hevia

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