33 Sun-drenched bedrooms with mesmerizing ocean views

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In this stunning collection of beachside bedrooms that we have put together, the tantalizing ocean views take center stage and have you dreaming of the sound of crashing waves. If you are lucky enough to own a piece of beachfront property, than you already know that maximizing ocean views is a high priority. Sweeping seaside views from your bedroom can be very relaxing and make your space feel inviting. It is important when designing your bedroom to keep the palette light and neutral so as not to detract from the ocean views. You should also keep furnishings to a minimum, remember, it is all about the view! A fireplace in your bedroom is a nice touch, especially when the cool ocean breezes can make it a little chilly in the evening time. The fireplace will also add a nice ambiance to your seaside setting. Floor-to-ceiling windows can really help to capture the views better and your windows can either be fixed or slide open to bring in fresh ocean air.

The image above is located in a sprawling beachfront home atop a rocky outcrop, positioning itself to maximize the captivating ocean views. To see more of this breathtaking home, take a look here: Otter Cove Residence gripping the cliffs of Carmel.

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A private balcony off your bedroom can also be a wonderful addition if you don’t already have one. It gives you an additional space to sit out and relax and watch the sunset, or it can be a part of your pool terrace, providing convenient access for an early morning or late night dip! If you don’t have the privilege of living in a beach house you can take an inspiring visual tour through these stunning bedrooms with awe-inspiring ocean views and get swept away by their ambiance. Enjoy!

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This stunning California home blends seamlessly into its hillside, you can view the rest of the home here, Carpinteria Foothills Residence with coastal views.

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This Balinese-inspired private retreat in Anguilla is heavenly, have a look at more of this home here, Balinese-influenced Villa Kishti in Anguilla.

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A Mexico vacation home features an open and spacious master bedroom retreat with indigenous materials. The connection between indoors and out merges together to completely maximize the beautiful setting that surrounds the space.

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This beautiful bedroom is part of a hillside home in Cape Town, South Africa, more photos of the home can be seen here, Impressive modern pad in Cape Town: Clifton House 2.

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A view like this can make ANY bedroom dreamy, don’t you think? This magnificent piece of real estate can be found perched high above the Big Sur coastline in California. If you want the rest of the house tour, have a look here: Spectacular Buck Creek modern vacation home.

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This fabulous California beach house features a master bedroom retreat that feels like it is cantilevering out over the ocean. Surrounded by walls of glass, privacy blinds can shade the space when needed… but who would want to block off this amazing view? Want to see the rest of the home tour, take a look here: Modern beach house overlooking Laguna Beach.

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Pictured above is a beautiful Nantucket beach cottage with coastal style interiors, featured here on One Kindesign awhile back. Take a tour here: Surfside Chic Nantucket beach house retreat.

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The spectacular bedroom featured above belongs to the Song Saa Private Island Resort, located in the Koh Rong Islands, Cambodia. We had featured the article some time ago, please have a look here: Luxurious Song Saa Private Island retreat.

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Positioned on Kiawah Island, South Carolina is this cozy bedroom with its own private balcony and heavenly ocean views. If you are interested in seeing the rest of this home, have a look at this Gorgeous beach retreat on Kiawah Island.

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