Balinese-influenced Villa Kishti in Anguilla

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Villa Kishti is a meditative, Balinese-inspired private retreat in Anguilla, British West Indies, designed by Toronto architect Frank Alfred Hamilton, who spent four years on the project (2005-2009). The residence challenges traditional notions of shelter and nature as separate domains, with interior and exterior blurred in a seamless interplay of interior design, architecture and landscape design.

Villa Kishti’s tripartite design is composed of a central hub, master suite and three self-contained villas, arranged in fan-like plan. The central hub contains the principal gathering spaces of the residence – the living-dining area and kitchen – which flow into each other in a unified palette of natural materials, tones and textures. Spaces are uncluttered and carefully calibrated to enhance site lines. The living-dining area is detailed with custom furnishings and edited accessories while the kitchen is fitted with custom millwork and integrated Corian counters and backsplash. Toronto-based interior design firm Cecconi Simone Inc. was hired by the client for the selection of furnishings, finishes and fixtures.

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The master suite, accessed internally from the living-dining area, contains a sleep area, lounge with outdoor terrace and en-suite with indoor and outdoor showers. The suite is appointed with custom millwork, custom furnishings and subtle Balinese accents.

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Across the central hub from the master suite, each of the three self-contained villas encompasses a lounge area with outdoor deck, kitchenette, powder room and master bedroom with en-suite. Custom furnishings, custom millwork, finishes and accessories harmonize with the subdued, contemporary, Balinese-influenced expression of the rest of the residence.

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