Beautifully renovated old farmhouse in Cáceres, Spain

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An idyllic old farmhouse provides a beautiful shelter for its owners, transformed by interior designers Estudio H2i, located in northern Cáceres, a city in the Extremadura region of western Spain. The cottage is positioned in a region that is famous for its peppers, in fact part of the building was originally used for drying peppers. That part of the structure now houses the library, which was the starting point for the renovation. The designers managed to capture the beauty and essence of this old home, opting for craft clay floors, ceilings with exposed beams and opening framed in stone. This creates comfortable, cozy interiors that are fully connected with the environment. The interior decoration is comprised of mainly inherited or reclaimed artifacts that have found their place in delicate harmony. Surrounded by lush gardens and a hilly terrain, three large terraces were created for the family to enjoy. Drought resistant plants were selected as well as gravel for easy maintenance, making this outdoor space usable throughout the seasons.

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The aesthetic of the original building has marked the rest of the house. The walls and ceiling with exposed beams, painted with a lime stucco. This finish gives the interiors a very natural aesthetic, which is further emphasized by the tile flooring and handmade terracotta in the master bedroom. Overall a beautiful farmhouse that has been very well preserved with timeworn details that will never go out of style.

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What We Love: The authentic beauty of this farmhouse both inside and out drew us in, with a mixture of old and new, there is just so much charm. The outdoor terraces are very cozy and livable… but the home library with soaring ceilings and walls of books takes the cake! Sublime, we love a great-looking home library, how about you?

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We have featured several old farmhouse’s in the Spanish region that have been delightful to tour. May we suggest a couple that you may have missed, such as this Colorful Andalusian Farmhouse nestled in a Spanish olive grove or this Catalan farmhouse restored in Spain: Villa CP.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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