36 Fabulous home libraries showcasing window seats

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Home libraries can take up a whole room or just a wall, and even if your space is small, giving a room a library aesthetic is a wonderful approach to decorating and will inspire you to read more. Not many homeowners have the luxury of having a separate home library, and if you have a passion for books, it can be a difficult task to find enough space to store your books, especially if you live in an apartment! Built-ins will do the trick, creating functional storage and a cohesive look. If you are a big bookworm, you will appreciate having a home library incorporated into your interiors, making it the ultimate dream space. A space where you can get comfortable, relax and get lost in your favorite book—not to mention cozying up in a window seat where you have the benefit of natural light and a view! Have a look through the collection of home libraries that have window seats incorporated into them. We have a variety of spaces, from dedicated home libraries, to ones that are shared with an office space, to some that are just in a hallway or stair landing. Please enjoy and let us know which one most inspires you!

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If you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to a home library, try converting a dead space in your hallway or landing. If you are fortunate enough to have a window in one, why not consider building a window seat? You have a cozy spot to spend time enjoying a view outside and a perfect excuse to read a book!

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If you have an awkward spot in your home, take the opportunity to consider creating a cozy reading nook, such as the one pictured above. This room features a comfortable space with built-in shelving for book and a window to enjoy the view!

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In the image above, a beach home in Massachusetts features a home library addition on the upstairs level by the master bedroom for the wife to utilize. The built-in shelving was part of the home remodel, now housing all of the childrens’ and young adult books. The wife has a background as a children’s librarian, so all of the books have also been logically organized!

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This home library is located on Lake Champlain, Vermont, a renovation project where the homeowners had a vast collection of books and needed somewhere to store them. Two original bedrooms were turned into a home library/office space, a dedicated space for the couple to read and sit at the window with a fantastic view of the lake.

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In a Portland, Oregon home, a turn-of-the-century original Sellwood Library was transformed into an incredible pad. This living space is warm and welcoming, featuring beautiful custom woodworking and shelving to house a vast collection of colorful books. A built-in window seat completes the look and provides a cozy space to curl up and enjoy one of those enticing novels.

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This home in Brazil features a cozy little reading alcove in the window to enjoy a good read… or you can cozy up in the hanging chair!

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In the image above, a Mill Valley, California home features an adult hangout room, a place for grownups to retreat to. It is also considered the home library, a place to sit, read a book and enjoy a drink. A faux-fireplace serves as a decorative element to the space, filled with birch branches.

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And finally, saving the best for last… Who says your home library can’t be in your bathroom? Not quite a window seat, but the bathtub is set into the window, close enough! This is the New York apartment of novelist Michael Cunningham, who has a beautiful library set into his bathroom walls.

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