50 Relaxing ways to decorate your bedroom with bookshelves

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 If you are a book lover, than a natural part of leisure time at home would be having bookshelves filled with books accessible in your cozy bedroom retreat. Shelving allows you to have personal expression in your design scheme and with the addition of books, no matter what the genre, is an engaging accoutrement in this sacred space. Add the convenience of reaching for a good read before switching off the light, and the bedroom bookshelf makes a strong case. Be sure to keep your books well-arranged so that is won’t be hard to find what you are looking for.

Yes, you can have your own personal library in your home, aside from a separate home library; you can have it in your own personal oasis, your bedroom. Avoid seeing your books scattered on the floor or under your bed covered with dust. Put up decorative shelving for your books, you can even make it the focal point of your room. Aside from a separate bookshelf, you can always incorporate shelving into your headboard. Let us now take a look at the collection we have put together for you on various types of bookshelves in the bedroom, as well as some tips on pulling off some fabulous design.

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If you aren’t good at DIY projects, consider calling in a pro to help assist you in designing a bookshelf for your space. The investment is generally worth it since built-ins add great value to not only your room, but to your whole home. Cabinetmakers also design and build amazing bookcases and occasionally, especially with additional projects, offer a discount.

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Adding a cozy reading spot next to a bookshelf is the perfect way to go. The nook is anchored by built-ins on either side, which is a very appealing option. Custom bookcases can typically run around $500 to $600 per lineal foot, with costs varying on wood choice and any special features that you may wish to include. What you see above is a 14-foot built-in cherry bookcase and bench that ran at a total cost of $8,500.

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Beautifully renovated antique cape house in Vermont

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Inspiration Wall: Having floor-to-ceiling bookcases in this bedroom adds some special interest and a focal point. Having a bench at the end of the bed can also host additional books, such as the current ones that you are reading.

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Giving your space a classic touch: This bedroom features a more affordable way to showcases a built-in bookcase without the associated costs. A pre-built freestanding bookcase has been set against the wall and secured, with the addition of molding to the top and base.

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Bookshelf and a view: There is plenty of light flooding into this bedroom with an incredible view, perfect for reading. To help keep your books preserved, make sure they are out of direct sunlight. To create this simple, yet classic look, the above bookcase cost roughly $450 to build, but costs will vary depending on the species of wood, sizing and any custom detailing.

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Beautiful Parkwood Road Residence in Minnesota

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Express Yourself: A  bookshelf is more than just a place to store your favorite reads. You can use them for personalization, pairing your favorite titles with framed photographs and decorative accents.

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Great Tip: If you wish to paint your bookcases, consider using poplar wood. Not only is it light and inexpensive, you can drill and nail into it quite easily (holes can be filled with a wood filler), and it takes in paint quite well.

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Subtle Bookshelf: You do not need a large bookshelf to hold your books, especially if there is not enough space. You can still add an accent to still give that literary appeal. Shelves are quite easy to fasten to the wall or to build, and can be arranged and layered to fit the space.

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Use a headboard. A bookcase can also be used as a dividing wall within your room to delineate space. Try anchoring a bookcase to a centrally situated bed so that books will be within your grasp.

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Beautiful transformation of a California bungalow

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Clever design help to keep two individual beds in this space connected yet separate. Each of the beds has a directional light for reading that won’t interfere with the roommate’s slumber.

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Here is a bookcase trend that started in 2010, placing books with their spines to the inside. Some readers will do this when they have completed a book, and leave those that have not been read with spines out. Some people like the appeal of having whites and creams showing to the outside. You can decide what look you like best for your space!

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