Catalan farmhouse restored in Spain: Villa CP

Villa CP-ZEST Architecture-01-1 Kindesign

Villa CP is an old Catalan farmhouse that has been completely restored by Barcelonese studio ZEST Architecture, situated in Girona, Spain. A 21st century house has been created within the structure of the old stone property. The existing stone walls have been largely rebuilt, with enormous openings towards the landscape linking the house to its spectacular surroundings: a National Park of cork oak with distant views towards the Mediterranean.

Villa CP-ZEST Architecture-02-1 Kindesign

ZEST Architecture’s work is always marked by sustainability, so it may not come as a surprise that this project sports materials and elements such as a natural pool whose water is filtered by plants and gravel, insulation with locally harvested and produced cork, clay and stray panel finishes in the interior and heating / cooling through a geothermal installation.

Villa CP-ZEST Architecture-03-1 Kindesign

The old and the new (that which will age) strengthen each other in this project through their opposition and juxtaposition. The old has been left visible with all its scars, while new materials such as Corten steel, wood and clay, were chosen for the beauty of their natural imperfections and the way in which the traces left by time make them even more beautiful. Rain, wind, human touch…. will make sure that this house will be even more beautiful over time.

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ZEST Architecture, founded by the Dutch architect Co Govers, will take part in the Biennale of Venice, which opens on 7 June 2014. The project Villa CP, the restoration of an old Catalan farmhouse, serves as inspiration for the installation that ZEST Architecture will present in Palazzo Mora, as participant in the exhibition “Time Space Existence”, organized by the Global Art Affairs Foundation.

Photos: Jesús Granada

Villa CP-ZEST Architecture-16-1 Kindesign

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