A 300 year old Spanish farmhouse elegantly rehabilitated

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This captivating 300 year old farmhouse has been completely rehabilitated and is now the refuge of fashion designer Jorge Vazquez, located in his native Galicia, a region of Spain. The designer was quite taken by this country home, with some many notable qualities such as lush gardens, a flowing spring, an old barn and of course the home itself with thick stone walls and dilapidated architecture that tells a story. The designer was up for the difficult challenge, thanks to family members that came to his aid to completely renovate the spaces and re-organize the distribution. The preserved stone structure was used as a link between the past and present. The same link guided the interior decor, with old and new pieces mixing together perfectly to articulate warm and comfortable living environments. Personality was infused into the spaces through small details such as old family portraits, vintage tableware, plates on the walls, collections of china and candlesticks. Its these small touches that fill the living spaces, as if they had been there for centuries, mixed with a nice dose of modern updates. The finished result is a charming home with timeless design and an elegant sophistication that breathes life into the spaces.

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To preserve the home’s identity, reclaimed materials were incorporated into the design such as wrought iron finishes, chestnut wood flooring and woodwork. The fabrics and upholstery, carpets, plaids and curtains were carefully selected in their colors patterns and textures to create balance and harmony. To keep the home feeling fresh, the lush greenery surrounding the property outside was brought into the interiors in the form of various well-placed flower arrangements. These light and monochromatic arrangements are the work of Silvia Vázquez Cardelle.

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What We Love: The rustic aesthetic of the stone cladding the walls and the beautiful mix of old and new in the decor and furnishings, creating a very livable home in the countryside. The floral arrangements adds color and freshness to the spaces, bringing nature inside and creating a healthy, well balanced home. What are your thoughts, could you imagine yourself living in a farmhouse in Spain?

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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