Farmhouse style gets a mix of vintage flair

This beautiful and stylish residence was once an abandoned and ruined farmhouse in Ampurdan, Spain. The farmhouse has since been renovated by the very talented interior designer Eva Martinez, who turned it into a dream home that the owners were longing for. “I had to start from scratch, but the best thing was they gave carte blanche to make all the decisions. They wanted a family home with a smooth distribution that would also be comfortable,” explains Martinez. Despite being in the countryside, the owners wanted to get away from the traditional, rustic style, going instead for a more simple and contemporary aesthetic.

In terms of decor, Martinez went for a great mix of styles, using basic antiques together with a fantastic collection of contemporary art. The neutral tones and antique finishes create the perfect canvas that fuses together the different styles of industrial, vintage and contemporary. The plastered finish on the walls and the polished concrete floors give an attractive artisanal touch to the entire house. Some elements in the home were preserved, such as the wood beams of the bedroom, the niches in the lounge and the vaulted ceilings which adds warmth and character to the spaces. The designer also decided to open windows in the living room to let more of the natural light in. One very important space to the owner’s was the porch, since they loved to spend a lot of their family time outdoors. The designer made this space really special by visually eliminating the side wall to the porch by adding large vinyl photographs. Via

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