Innovative architecture reduces neighboring noise in Amagansett

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The design of this modern home by Bates Masi Architects was inspired by its surroundings, located in the heart of the bustling resort community of Amagansett, New York. The home needed to be sheltered acoustically from its surroundings of the nearby village. The result is a structural design focused on sound attenuation in the form, materials and details of the residence. A series of parallel walls shapes the design, offering layers of privacy and insulation and projecting beyond the living spaces at both the entrance to the home and in the center. The walls help to “diffract the sound waves moving past them, casting an acoustic shadow over the property to create a quiet outdoor gathering area.” The foundation, structural walls and roof are composed of concrete (with walls being 20″ thick) and wrapped in an insulating foam. The walls not only offer exceptional thermal insulation, but a very low sound travel. Wide cedar board siding covers the concrete, attached to the walls with stainless steel clips, which were devised to enhance the lifespan of the siding (wood contracts and expands, the clips keep the tension while allowing the wood freedom of movement).

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As one makes their way through the interiors, you will notice the clips have been utilized in various other ways, such as robe hooks, drawer pulls, and as “hinges for an adjustable sound baffle in the central gathering space.” The hinges are used for sound absorption by hanging cedar boards in front of felt panels with gaps in-between. As sound waves pass through these spaces, they are trapped and absorbed by the felt panels. The hinges can also be adjusted accordingly, depending on the nature of the event in the home, where it be a more intimate gathering or a lively party! The staircase has also been engineered to withstand some acoustics. The treads on the staircase are tapered in thickness, from the basement level where a woodshop is located, up to the main level of the public zones, guest bedroom and master suite and onwards to the top level, where the children’s bedrooms are situated.

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What We Love: How sound attenuation inspired the unique design of this project, from exterior to interior details and materials. The design concept seems to offer the inhabitants and guests of this residence a more rich and meaningful living experience. What do you think of this intriguing design project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area below!

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Photos: Courtesy of Bates Masi Architects

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