Modern LA home boasts remarkable indoor-outdoor lifestyle

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A modern renovation and addition to a mid-century home by Belzberg Architects offers sweeping canyon views over the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California. The project began with an existing 3,500 square foot structure that lacked identity, and after an extensive transformation, the new 5,700 square foot home showcased a sense of tranquility and minimalism. The architects goal was to open up the entire home, encasing the entire front facade with floor-to-ceiling windows, while the rear of the home features 55 feet of glass doors that slide away to merge the indoors with the outdoor swimming pool terrace. The natural beauty of the surrounding hills was a key component to the design, where double height glass volumes pull nature into the spaces. The central living areas were designed as viewing corridors, offering continuous visual and physical accessibility to the hills beyond. A minimal material palette was selected so as not to interfere with the visual beauty that surrounds the home.

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The main level of the home features a white-and-light gray terrazzo flooring running throughout, complementing the white walls and offering a nice backdrop for the homeowner’s extensive art collection. Gray tones are repeated in the furnishings and textiles, which is kept simple and sleek. Wood pieces with live edges were also selected and added into the interiors scheme to infuse warmth and texture.

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A stainless steel fascia wraps around the perimeter of the home, which has a varying affect depending on the time of day.

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What We Love: How the design scheme offers its inhabitants a crisp, clean aesthetic, where things are very relaxed and not so severe. This home truly embodies the quintessential California lifestyle with its indoor-outdoor living and surrounding natural beauty. What do you think, would this be your dream home?

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Gleaming slabs of Nano glass is applied to the fireplace surround, which can also be seen repeated around the fireplace wall in the master bedroom.

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Photos: Courtesy of Belzberg Architects & Trevor Tondro for Luxe



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