Luminous mid-century modern transformation in California

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We just received the latest images from the work of Klopf Architecture, a mid-century modern property showcasing indoor-outdoor living spaces re-imagnined for a family of five in Lafayette, California. The homeowners moved back to the Bay Area after living elsewhere for many years, purchasing this elegant 3,363 square foot, four bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom mid-century property. The only drawback is it was in total disarray, in need of a major overhaul. The kitchen was very outdated and the spaces need to be re-organized, with a fresh floorplan and natural light given high priority to the remodel. The goal was to create spaces that are connected, flowing easily from one to the next, infusing warmth and sophistication, while integrating a seamless indoor/outdoor connection. A low ceiling kitchen that was closed off was opened up to connect with the living room, with is now spacious and bright thanks for a row of skylights. The living room wall now features a folding door system, seamlessly connecting the space to the brand new wooden deck outside. Entertaining is now effortless in this home, with homeowners and guests flowing from the kitchen to the living room to outside seamlessly. The master bedroom was opened up an expansive sliding panel, while a spacious walk-in closet was transformed into a home office, also featuring a large sliding panel. The master bath offers a wall of tall windows to illuminate the space with light, while a spacious wet room features a shower and tub.

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The patio originally featured a solid roof structure, which was replaced with an open trellis, which helps to filter additional light into not only the deck but the interiors of the residence. The materials throughout the home were replaced, aside from the framing and ceiling boards. This helped the design team to harmonize the materials throughout the spaces, where wood flooring can be seen throughout, the same can be said for the paint selection. On the outside of the home, the architects brought in Envision Landscape Studio to create beautiful outdoor living and garden spaces, making this home the complete package.

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What We Love: Mid-century modern remodels are always a treat, and this one is no exception. The open spaces and the way everything seamlessly flows from one space to the next is magical, while all the clever design tricks the architects used to draw natural light into the spaces was genius. The design team of Klopf Architecture never fails to disappoint, another fabulous design that was a pleasure to feature! What do you think, are you a fan of mid-century design?

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Photos: ©2015 Mariko Reed

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