Modern addition in California tastefully decorated with natural light

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This remarkable transformation of a home in Orinda, California is full of natural light and open, modern spaces, carried out by the design team of Klopf Architecture. The homeowner, who is interior designer Tanja DiGrande, worked with the architects on the project which included a modern addition on the backside of this traditional style residence. The idea was to move away from the original concept of the house, and to create a clear separation of spaces, creating a very minimal aesthetic, with clean lines and a gallery-like modern style. The focus was on drawing in natural light and injecting the space with color and personality through artwork and furnishings. The exterior facade of the new addition was clad in dark gray stucco, with dark steel railings and expansive glazing from floor to ceiling. The volume visually recedes from the original home, serving as a backdrop; an open, modern box. You will notice from the interior that it seems to draw the exterior landscape in, offering striking views of the surrounding property. A comfortable roof deck also allows the homeowners spectacular views and makes for a perfect entertainment space. A cleverly conceived boom and crank enables the homeowners to bring up food and drinks to make entertaining a delight!

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As you can see from the interior, minimal, clean-lined spaces showcases the exquisite tastes of the couple. The spacious and open master bathroom in the new addition features a minimal style and a large picture window that frames the forested landscape behind the home, making you feel immersed in nature, while soaking in a tub! From the exterior of the addition, elements such as steel helps to create a more industrial aesthetic. What do you think of this home transformation, what features do you like or not like about it?

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Photos: ©2015 Mariko Reed / This project was submitted to us courtesy of Klopf Architecture

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