30 Stunning Christmas stocking ideas for stylish interiors

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Decorating your home with Christmas stockings helps to make your spaces feel warm and cozy… not to mention extremely inviting! Christmas stockings come in all different sizes, fabrics, styles and colors, it is a matter of finding what is ideal for your holiday decor. Stockings can be used to decorate all sorts of different spaces, from your mantel to your walls, doors and staircases. You can purchase stockings from a store or you can make them yourself by using old sweaters, adding embellishments to basic stockings, they can be hand knit or they can be put together with pieces of fabric. There are numerous inspiring ideas to get a unique look that is completely personalized for you and your family. Stockings are the perfect addition to garland, they can decorate your bed, be used as table decor, chair decor, you can add small gifts into them or fill them with candies an chocolate, let your creativity inspire you (or the pictures below!) If you don’t have a mantel, there are plenty of ideas to still hang your stockings with care. Have a look below through the ideas to be inspired to create a cozy Christmas decorated home!

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DIY plywood stockings offer a Scandinavian aesthetic to your holiday decor scheme. The use of wood infuses warmth into the space and they are magnetic so they can easily be taken down when the holidays are over.

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Burlap coffee sack stockings offer a vintage vibe to your holiday mantel, featuring sprigs of greenery (which can be fresh, dried or fake) peeking out of the top. Gifts can be hidden below so peeking eyes don’t ruin the surprise until it is time to open the stockings.

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A rustic-industrial holiday can be decorated with custom leather stockings. Strung off a branch against a wall, this is the perfect idea for those of us that do not have a fireplace but still want to hang Christmas stockings.

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Try using a curtain rod to hang your holiday stockings with care!

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This festive staircase features boxwood garland, paper cones filled with sprigs of boxwood and holiday stockings.

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If you are decorating in a rustic style for Christmas, try using plain stockings as the centerpiece of your mantel. Dress them up with pinecones, candles and hand-carved wooden reindeer to complete the look… perhaps even a wreath!

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Make a sweater stocking from one of your old sweaters. You won’t need a sewing machine and you don’t need to know how to knit to make these fun stockings for your whole family. The details for this project can be found here.

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