Luxury ski chalet offering mesmerizing views over the Matterhorn

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This luxury ski chalet has been sumptuously decorated with impeccable style and modern architectural detailing, located in Zermatt, Switzerland. The chalet features breathtaking views out to the iconic Matterhorn, in the world renowned ski resort destination. Defining mountain living, the interior palette consists of beautiful rich woods, a palette of dark neutrals and chic designer touches, giving this home a cozy aesthetic. The design and layout of this chalet was carefully planned out, from the grand ideas of a state-of-the-art theater room and private spa to the small details such as hammock style day beds offered in a few of the bedrooms to the plush faux fur cushions found on the ‘sink-into-it-forever’ sofas. The private spa and wellness center are located on the upper level, offering breathtaking views through the windows. There is also a spacious indoor hot tub and hammam, offering the ultimate luxury spa experience. There is also a state-of-the-art fitness facility, offering modern interiors and relaxing spaces to stretch after a long day on the ski slopes.

Interested in staying at this spectacular luxury chalet? You are in luck, it is available as a vacation rental for you or your whole family and even friends to enjoy, as the it sleeps up to twelve people across five bedrooms. Prices range from $33,978 to $96,111 USD / week, from here.

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The chalet also offers plenty of entertaining spaces which includes a comfortably design living and dining area, positioned on the top floor with soaring ceilings featuring wood beams. Picture windows helps to illuminate the space with natural light and spills out onto a balcony that offers mesmerizing panoramic vistas. Elegant furnishings and fixtures creates a warm and refined ambiance to sit and relax by centrally positioned fireplace. An open plan kitchen is also located on the upper level, where a private professional chef will make you deliciously prepared meals to enjoy after spending your day skiing on the slopes.

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What We Love: This spectacular ski chalet radiates with warmth, which should help to take the chill out after a long day of hitting the slopes. There are so many luxury details, this would be an amazing place to stay, between the amazing fireplace and the spa…. heavenly!

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